Is it true whatever spell you send out it will come back to you 3 times?

Is there a way to avoid this?

If so please tell me some experience you had

Sure, if you believe it hard enough. It’s a bastardization of the karma concept.


What Norse said. Imo think it depends on if it was just petty revenge or someone that genuinely did you wrong, if we’re going by a person. If just pettiness and for no other reason, then it could come back on you…if you believe in it.

I’ve personally seen karma work the other way around. If you believe something hard enough, it’ll manifest. Some people don’t believe in karma, so may not see much of it happen. Could be psychological and our brains have been linking karma to unfortunate occurrences or justice. Just my two cents.


not true however, it’s a great way to stress people out. Tell them your gonna get karma for doing wrong. Most are hypnotized by such sayings when little bad luck happens. They will start to believe you curse them or karma is at work which isn’t true. haha. psychological influence. =o)

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Only if you follow the Wiccan rede. Otherwise no. The Wiccan Rede can be akin to a binding contract for those that follow it wholeheartedly. The concept of karma is do something in this life and you face the consequences or rewards in the next.

Hence why I said if you believe in it.

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Just another wiccan misbelief to keep them under control.

However… your actions might have consequences that could affect you in negative ways. But that’s just cause and effect.


@becca i wasn’t replying to you. I was saying karma isn’t true. sorry about causing misunderstanding.

In my opinion, it depends i upon the person. I do believe and have witnessed myself, genuinely terrible people who claimed they don’t believe karma; have karma bite them in the ass. Most of the time their karma was „death“, or a deadly disease.

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This concept is a religions blind, placed there so that once you have evoked hell into someones life you then subconsciously will repercussions into your own life.