Is it selfish to use astral projection for

mundane travelling? I just want to travel to places I cant afford travelling to in the physical LOL. I promise I have higher intentions also I swear but it is mainly to travel the world and see things on the earthly plane.


No, it’s not selfish. That’s actually what most people use astral travelling for, to go to places they can’t go in the physical, like the moon, Mars, and the Vatican library (note: don’t go to the Vatican library. According to those who have gone there, it’s heavily protected, and you’ll get kicked out).


Damn, that makes the fruit that much sweeter…


Heard about the Vatican being impenetrable (astral warding?) from a psychic friend of mine YEARS ago! Sucks due to the art being beautiful!

I am so going now…

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If I remember correctly, AdamThoth posted about his experience in the Vatican library some years ago. He got through the first layer of protection but was then bounced by its guardians. The post might still be around somewhere fi you want to try a search for it.


See…you have to treat it like the KoF squares…deal with it in your space (not theirs), and THEN enjoy the art…

Think of it as evoking a space and everything in it. Totally doable.


team effort😄. Someone distracts the guardian while you get inside🤠

This is exactly what I was thinking. It’s the same mood as when that meme about storming Area 51 was going around. They can’t stop all of us if we Naruto run past them!

Now, if only I had ever astral traveled before…

Is this the right time to use the Nobody expects the Inquisition meme?

Pamelq_Taylor: explore to your hearts content. It’s called Astral Travel for a reason.

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I also do it all the time maybe its not selfish
But a form or self care

I feel like its a bit addictive

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:love_you_gesture: THANKS!