Is It Right?

Is it right to use a god to make someone love you?

God is love, so, why nnot? :wink:

Is it right to tell a child not to poke a smaller child in the eye?

What right does one human being have to control and limit another like that? :thinking:


Idfk is it right to do anything we do? Who is to judge right or wrong? They are one in the same


I don’t think you can truly make someone love you. Love is an action, not a word. But you can influence someone and it’s not wrong per se. Often though, after all the work you put in you’ll realize they are aren’t worth it and kick yourself later for wasted time.


The better question is are YOU ok with using magic for love.
If the answer is no then no problem, for millions of years every one of your ancestors managed to get laid and shak up with someone long enough for them to make the next in line till we get to you.
Some people don’t want to do rituals for money and so do it for the object they want(car or whatever) instead because it motivates them.
I prefer the cash.
It’s your magic so do what’s comfortable to you.


Yes, like one may do a full blown evocation of Sitri, Anael or gaze at their sigils for love magic, so it’s possible to contact Venus or Cupid instead. If the desired person is not engaged or, maybe better, not specified, then moral issues would be totally excluded.


What if the guy has kids? The demon/god won’t hurt them will it?

Why would they? You didnt ask them to harm the child

Right? As in moral or ethical? Who cares? My greater concern would be:

Does love predicated on falsity hold any value to you?

Are you able to spend a long time with the results of your work without succumbing to self deception?

In other words, is the act of forcing love in alignment with your personal values?

Also, I am not talking about karma here, but I personally feel there is a kind of energetic backlash in the form of the stagnation that comes with relying on crutches for too long.


But babe, put the work into loving yourself and the right man will come forward. Otherwise youll always wonder if it’s real and you’ll settle for less than you deserve. If a man wants you, he’ll do the chasing .


Yeah, but on the same token, if he does not word his request properly to bind down the action then there is no reason for them NOT to work through the kids. Daemons generally use the paths of least resistance unless asked/told specifically not to.


Just to let you know I am a girl

If you are going to go that route then at least make sure to bind the action not desired; in this case “blah blah blah…and leave the kids out of it” or “blah blah blah…and may it bring joy to all involved.” This is a really important one that gets overlooked, then the results often get misinterpreted as karma.

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“Harm none. bring me his love and respect, make it last and grow naturally so he sees only the good in me.”

If you work with a god the chances of problems may be lessened even further.

But don’t take love spell advice from me too much to heart because I sucked at that when i needed it, though looking back that was good fortune because I had terrible taste for ages. :wink:


Agreed. Lucifer specifically would not help me with my former target. It was a waste of his time because he was trash. So your guides could get involved but it really is for your own good.


It is fine, as long as you remember that, if the love forced upon them doesn’t evolve into genuine love, eventually their true feelings will resurface, and, unless you want to spend your time constantly re casting the spell, they may leave you.

Never forget that the other person has a will too, and it may rebel at being subjugated.