Is it really legit?

E.A. Koetting’s Works of Darkness, Baneful magic requires absolute hatred in the mind and it is assumed that the person will feel cursed. (While having an image of the victim in the mind)

Is it true that the victim realises that he or she is cursed or something isn’t feeling right? Just by hatred in the mind intended towards your victim?

I’m still new to all of this, please forgive me.

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by all means, you can come up with a better explenation if you find one.

Until then,
we probably stick to that which has been proven to work. :wink:

In my expierience,
Hatred isn’t the only frequency usable for cursing.

Complete ignorance works aswell.
but people around the magic community usually tend to have some bit of doubt and desperation in their work,
so hatred is more reliable for those.

Complete ignorance is maybe a bad form of wording,
but i’m not really sure how i should explain emotions of void to you otherwise.

The basic frequency is to be such divorced and far away from what the other person desires from you,
that it makes them stumble about their own feet.

I simply don’t teach that to any of my students,
because usually they can’t pull it off sufficiently.




Inducing someone to be naive through clearing all thought, perhaps?

Could taking our own faults and multiplying that weakness through embracing its core element and projecting into a target be just as effective; in essence, weakness into a strength for baneful purposes?

Or would that, in fact, create a sort of reverse polarity that the bane becomes self inflicted?


good question.

that is being used.

But it has indeed some risk of it falling back on the caster aswell.

Definately don’t use that when your target is magician and likely to know about mirror shielding.




Mirror, like glass; a test of will…interesting.

Could honing the projection to a needle point be the proper way to circumvent such defenses? Or visualizing the projection to be of massive weight be a better technique?

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Yes, all of this, including science, works because separation is an illusion and one limitless consciousness is the only reality. Consciousness, that’s the key. Not your personal consciousness, not human consciousness, just awareness itself. It is the awareness of anything or even no-thing at every level of existence. It is existential substance: true reality. I, however, do not encourage practicing long focus on hatred and loathing. It too is a valid state of mind but, due to our tendency to cling to experiences of consciousness, it will affect you too not just the other. Ultimately, there is no other, just the impersonal Self.


I wouldn’t plan on using such things in such a manner, per-say.

But, as one grows, animosity is something that I’m sure has inflicted everyone at some point.

I simply inquire as a means of countering such animosity as I continue onward with my studies.

The best defense is a good offense.

I think the word is detachment and acceptance of all things. Non-resistance.

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not really.
That haves little to do with glass.

Magician shields with the mirroring ability are more like liquid metal.
Like Mercury.

You can’t pierce through those.^^

Detachment isn’t exactly what i ment.
It’s a pre-requisite for the frequency i was talking about.

i’m not familiar with a human word that describes it well enough.

uku’sa’kaza or sh’wab’adela

are the closest describtion i can give.



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Hey, no worries, we are all ‘new’ to everything new we reflect on here :slight_smile:
We move along through ‘gnosis’ or ‘knowingness through experience’ which is the cornerstone of all magick;

=Lazer-targeted destruction - even if you work with demons/aka Omega related ‘dark’ gods only=

I just connected with Archangel Raziel, asking if he can help me get better at all of my magick, right before writing this. (I work with both polarities, thus also with ‘demons’ - however Archangel Gabriel I heard recommends to call them gods, because that is what they are -the psychological/spiritual shifting of humanity made it so that they became more dark, but they also have an existence as a light version of themselves-more on that below).

If you experience any difficulties into doing this: the following may help:
This is the goal in the following: having written on a paper, everything that pisses you off and triggers you to the utmost about this person, like what that person did to you.

On another paper, you may want to write down what you want that person to experience as a curse.

It will helps you have an emotional/intellectual synchronisation, and through the writing, a grounding of your intent - this makes yçour focus most absolute.
For example: Expose the hypocrisy of a person - which is what I am about to do in a personal ritual with someone that screwed me over twice in my life and it’s girlfriend related to, you can imagine my rage feels --infinite-- and you might have that too, potentially with your personal situation. Especially then - combining rage (or emotion) with intelligence in a most accurate way is a most extremely potent thing. It’s like wielding a sword with the fullness of your might (emotion) on exactly the right spot (intelligence) and so hence the reason of writing things down, so you are sure to get exactly what you want for yourself.

While writing down what that person did to you - observing every angle of the situation, so you feel you left nothing out of the equation about what you want that person to pay for, so your formulation of a curse is a most wholesome one- thus indeed taking in account everything that that person did to you- for maximal satisfaction. (Also technically it will address every thought/emotion within yourself that has been hurt by this situation. Every one of these has spiritual power behind them - it fuels the rage - and again the writing of it helps to ground that rage. (Also, as of that as if aiming to contain the power of thunder in a bottle, for you to use, symbolically)

The same symbolic allegory of the ‘thunder in a bottle’ (the grounding of your rage through writing) goes for the writing down of the curse - the result of what you want to happen to that person.

What helps me to get in touch while writing, with the most genuine, honest-to-myself, giving myself all the recognition of how I really feel about something, is the appropriate music.
Finding music that can help you give the most absolute recognition of your rage, pain or suffering is excellent.

When you are at the ritual - you can take the paper with you - (as the reasons why, for yourself)
and also the paper with the instructions of what you want to happen to that person, and it will be most powerful. When it comes to the clarity of the why+your intentions, it will be top notch. It may thus symbolically feel like that thunderbottle, and may then morph into something else while in ritual - very powerful.

Something else I wish to tell you about light and dark - Archangels and demons are interwoven - and they can help you with black magick too. There is something called the Angelic architect as a singular consciousness that contains both polarities of the 4th dimension as one. Archangel Michael and many others can help black magicians on request. They themselves also take part in killing those that enslave the human race, on request, or help you to have better contact with demons when asked- they (archangels and demons alike, and other gods) want you to thrive in this cosmos, to survive, to be able to stand up for yourself, to defend yourself, because as peaceful as life may seem to some, there are always beings out in the cosmos that are here to enslave humanity, and are actively doing it.
There are states of being where you can be outside of the warzone influence, be at peace and be battle-ready at anytime all at the same time - That being said: cursing properly will help you to transcend your attachments to what puts you off about that person in your deepest subconscious mind and will help you to be liberated from the negativity that got triggered in you, on all levels (if you fully invest yourself into it).

Even Krishna or Rama or many others killed out of necessity, knowing that all life is eternal, serving cosmic justice. Who did they kill, as who can you kill with demons and archangels alike?
Enslavers of the human race-and many other races, also by the way like the illuminati for example that enslaves humanity on this and other planets - inside of them for example…;

I can tell you that magick really works…;

All is Magick
All is Alchemy
and all works for the singularity of the god-mind,
which you ultimately are.

War and conflict are part of that, it is understood, by the source of all that lives in you.
so go ahead, allow yourself to be the warrior, both light and dark approves, because you are the source, you are the eternal alchemist - there is no bigger reward than to stay through to your heart, and keep growing and evolving from that, ever onward…indulging in magick, getting to know yourself in ever grander ways as ultimately being the Source of All, as well, (in oneness and equality with all life- as a base platform) to fully express yourself most truthfully.

Practice being true to the inner sense of justice within yourself, to your most absolute sense of self-respect as a human being, and you will end up, fearing nothing and no-one, , trusting yourself fully, and also have appreciation for others on the path. It will liberate your heart, as well and you will come to never fear (or less and less on the way) stand up for what you feel and know is really right. This will make you a great inspiration by example. For truly what made humanity ‘ill’ is to give all of it’s power away. Knowing you can overcome the greatest opponents to your liberty (your blockages, but also the illuminati for example),as a being feels…great…; You are powerful, you are worthy and can never not be- because you are - The Source -

Demons worked with towards self-empowerment will ultimately bring the fearless warrior in you-
no matter how deep you go, if you look deeply enough the vice that happens into this world, you will always find reason to take the next step towards self-empowerment, also indeed know that every step you take is to survive the cosmos even better - As your 3rd eye opens, with the help of beings, you will come to find more about how others have been enslaved, and can be the answer to that too, if you would choose that. Just follow your own heart… always.