Is it possible?

Is it possible asmodeus would possess someone in my life to make physical contact? Would he make it super clear to me that it was him or is it possible hed say some cryptic shit not announce it was him and just leave?

So also dont know if its relevant or not but around the same time I think it happened half my city lost power, there was an earthquake in my state and 60mph winds that caused a lot of destruction… like all at the same time I had my experience. :woman_shrugging:


Such events seem ingrained with Asmodeus, judging by some descriptions, so it was probably him.

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The demons will often communicate to me through other people. This doesn’t happen all the time, and when it does it is usually quite subtle, but you will know when it is them.

So basically just listen to my intuition and stop second guessing myself right? I get so excited thinking it may be him that I’ve been trying to convince myself theres no way it was and me guess whether it was or not like this. But I do know its him when it happens, i just keep convincing myself of doubt. :confused:


Yes, “to trust” is just what E. A. Koetting recommends, an advice which may be useful :slight_smile:

Yep. That’s a thing spirits do sometimes.

I’ve seen some accounts where spirits do announce themselves, but it seems more common that they don’t.

Looks like a sign to me.