Is it possible to send a demon to visit friend in their dreams?

I’ve been trying to get in contact with Dantalion, sallos, king paimon, amon. I have been trying it own but i dont have what I takes yet. I just had a thought… hypothetically can a person request a demon to visit another someone’s elses dreams, would it make it easier to form a relationship that way?

Yes, it is possible, but the friend would have to be able to not only recognise the demon, but understand why it was there. Unfortunately, most people don’t remember their dreams upon waking unless they have trained their mind to do so.

Not unless the person knows how to lucid dream and actually remembers their conversation with the demon.

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Could the demon be informed beforehand?

Of course, but I think you missed my point. The person to whose dreams you are sending the demon has to be able to be lucid enough to interact with the demon, and capable of remembering the dream upon waking. Otherwise, you send the demon, the demon pontificates to the friend, and then the friend promptly forgets what was said before their first cup of coffee.

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I completely understand. Thank you.