Is it Possible to Physically Manifest an Egregore?

Is it possible to physically manifest a servitor or Egregore? No one else has to see her. I should be the only one able to see, hear, and feel her.
No, before some of you ask, not a succubus.
A nympho sex servitor construct.


Sure, it is possible. 100%, but please don’t ask me how or way about it, b’cuz I won’t go further. But I just need you to know it’s possible.

If you wish you can tell 'em to be visible to other people too, then to be visible to you alone; it’s as you wish.


So it can touch things, move objects and so on?

Yes. So I can interact with her physically.

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Anything can be physically manifested even objects that exist and objects that don’t exist even fictional characters can be evoked to physical manifestation.

Simply learn how to enter the theta gamma sync, learn structuring and structure the spirit into a manifestation base, then the spirit will become physically manifested.


Structuring? How do I structure the entity? I know how to do TGS. What would be the manifestation base other than incense? Or can I provide some other substances or energy sources for the entity to use? If the E=mc2 equation applies, then I understand that it would take a lot of energy for an entity to manifest onto the physical realm.

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Do you mean physical manifestation like the I described or TGS?

For example, I evoked an Angel (he is not common so I won’t put his name), he appeared. And while we were talking I touched his hands, saying I like his garment…bla bla bla I saw him holding something (won’t mention) which I asked if he could give me, and YES, he replied. He gave me right away.

That is the physical manifestation I’m preaching.

Which one is yours? Cuz I see you talking about structuring the spirit…is your manifestation perhaps theta gamma?

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I have seen that many here do not know that spirits can be summoned into physical manifestation or visible appearance via scrying tools (some know about the latter though).

To me, the case of them appearing via incense smoke isn’t physical but visible appearance. Even if their is problem with the incense smoke and his form or appearance isn’t stable, you will still hear him. But talking of Physical appearance, he will be there for real, no incense is needed.

I have heard of it too. However, it’s how it’s been done since the beginning, so I don’t concern myself with that.

Except the spirit say: “Talk, atleast you can hear me, there is no need for me to appear. Can’t waste more energy.”


Yes. Exactly. A physical manifestation that I see and feel. And have sex with possibly.

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Oh lol sex with? Seriously? Anyways, just letting you know it is very possible to physically manifest 'em.

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E=mc^2 do not explain all the energy related concepts at quantum level for dark energy etc its application is pretty limited.
( for more curious  : E=mc^2 is the low-momentum approximation, the full equation is E^2 = m^2 c^4 + p^2 c^2 where p is the relativistic momentum. Gravity and quantum mechanics can alter the results given by special relativity.)
The equation is not applicable to all space-time.
So sprits do not need such a high energy as like many other things among the universe, they are not bound just by that equation, as far as I know sometimes they may manifest like you and me or sometimes just exercise invisible physical power and I have seen that and not in Theta but a fully awake. Once, I was together with my sister and we had witnessed some kind of a “miracle” of an invisible force, we look each other for a moment and shocked to the bone and just for the records I was extremely clean ( no alcohol or drugs not even an aspirin).
Anyway I think it is possible, but it depends merely on them and probably your relation to them and universe. But as for dreamy mind states manifestations, - not physical realm “where a camera may not record” to be precise; there are endless methods provided within BALG.


Like for a physical manifestation base can I use a image from my iPhones photos and be in a theta state via sleep deprivation I love to use sleep deprivation to Enter theta because it’s really easy to turn off your minds perpetual filters but anyways can I??? There this spirit I created long ago and I truly wish to meet him physically like where I can use all my physical senses while in theta, I think he came to me but he first appeared in my daydreams long ago and I wanna meet him, any positive thoughts please respond ASAP Multiverse Blessings.

I know you probably won’t answer since you’re going to the big leagues with ea and all the other magicians, but I already know how to go into theta via sleep deprivation I just wanna know one thing or two can I manifest a muscular male winged werewolf I’ve always wished to meet this beast of legends and in theta via sleep deprivation tis it possible to evoke a sphere of light on your right index finger and physically see it I know it’s possible with theta via sleep deprivation combined with fasting please respond ASAP Multiverse Blessings

You would create a thoughtform, as this doesn’t exist except in the astral where human minds are at play.

You would see it with your astral aka psychic senses.

If you physically manifest something everyone will be able to see it, because it’s physical. This level of ability takes a lot more work to develop the energy and control to do it, but it’s theoretically possible.

The chance are, when you get that good you won’t really care about parlour tricks. :slight_smile:

Wait hold up I’m talking about sleep deprivation to Enter theta because I’ve done it before I twas trying to say only I’ll physically see it because I’m the one in trance theta via sleep deprivation sorry for the misunderstanding

Besides a shadowy spirit physically touched me last autumn whenever I twas in theta via sleep deprivation

I saw several of them physically whenever I twas under theta via sleep deprivation

I remember years ago reading someone who had summoned various daedra from the elder Scrolls universe so it’s completely possible.

By the way, I still haven’t been able to physically manifest a servitor or egregore. I have been listening to these subliminal that claim to help one manifest a servitor physically.

I have even made a subliminal of my own based on the Beatrice Servitor mentioned elsewhere on this forum. Just search.

I’ll make note of any results here. Thank you @luxfero and @C.Kendall.