Is it possible to invoke METATRON and Yahweh/YHVH/YHWH/EL, and either St Michael or Raziel at the same time?

Is it possible to invoke METATRON and Yahweh/YHVH/YHWH/EL and either st Michael or Raziel at the same time

I’m talking full invocation including a possession I think this would be on a epic scale as they are some the most powerful entities in existence as well as knowledgeable and old and I heard metatron be called the “little YHVH”

Technically, you could, but as the rich people say, If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.


Sounds like someone who inherited a few million, and never had to get there through hard work and persistence.

Go OP, aim high.


The intent was to say that if the person needs to ask if something is possible, they probably aren’t ready to try what they are curious about.


yup, you can


Hmm, I don’t agree. :thinking:
You can always try.


Given Yahweh is why Metatron is Metatron as in Enoch is said to have ascended to become Metatron a being who is of Yahweh’s angels. So why not.

Michael and Raziel work together quite often as well they’re family too.


so i could possible achieve possession or atleast invoke all 4

Possibly in the end it’s up to you on if you can achieve getting them to.

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thats the hard part
especially since yahweh almost never comes and only sends angels

Reiki attunement calls for the blessings of AA Met. Quite a thrill

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Is AA MET a spirit never heard of him / her

AA Met is ArchAngel Metatron


Oh dang that would be quite the experience

Please am new here,can someone enlighten me though I know what the discussion is all about.

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I have not yet had experience on anyone but will like to practice whitemagic

I have not had experience yet but I’ll like to practice whitemagic

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It is possible
I did a ritual with Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Uriel
But I have to say …at least what happened to me at end I was a little tired and need good rest
Well it was a ritual to help heal a good friend and I sended a lot of energy