Is it possible to hear music from a radio with clairaudience?

I’m new to clairaudience. I hear music, and I know it’s an actual song. It’s origin is not physical.

There are words, and I don’t get them.

It has been going for a few minutes, same song. Rhythm, tune, beat, same structure of the song.

Is this a radio song or is some message coming through?


It’s been over 6 minutes and the same song is playing. I wish I could show you what it was.

The same song for 13 minutes. This is… very trippy. I need to hear these lyrics.

The way you write again and again reminds me of Maxwell.Who are you my dude?

Someone who comes up with a lot of ideas fast.

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I had this phenomenon a lot when I first started hearing things. I would hear it, I would know there was no physical source- I lived three miles from the next house and every thing inside our home would be off. I could hear that it had words, but I could not make them out.

The first occurrence was the night my roommate (older female ) and I were in the house we rented. She laid down to sleep on a pallet in our living room, and I went to shower. I got in, was showering then kept hearing music super loud. I came out to see what must have her so upset, that she would be blasting music at 1 am. She was sound asleep, and as soon as I opened the bathroom door it stopped.

Eventually I realized I the song I was hearing was one my boyfriend held close to his heart. Coincidence? maybe/maybe not since I didn’t physically hear it until many months later. After the fourth or fifth time I mentioned the type of song, sound, and even some specifics about the guitar and stuff he started playing through his playlist till we found it.

I had originally thought it was from a spirit living in the upstairs of the house.

Funny thing though, I haven’t heard it once since I left him in Washington and arrived in Pennsylvania. I have however heard a different song that sounds like his, only much sadder.

I don’t have an explanation or a verdict or even a cause for you. Only that it might not be as odd as it seems to you atm :).

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Hey, thank you. I am not quite sure what this song is, but I have a hunch it is a message of some sort.

Do you feel a sort of crackly, static energy where the “sound” is?

Yes it is possible. In fact you can think of clairaudiance as having super sensative hearing that can pick up different wave lengths of sound and frequency. I can hear music from the radio when it’s off. Turn it on and same song exact same spot in the song play length will be on the station. It can be trippy for sure.


I no longer believe it is a radio, it has been playing for over half an hour.

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Not really, but I didn’t know my boyfriend when I started hearing the song. I started hearing it in May 2019 and I didn’t meet him until August. He actually lived about an hour away until I moved in with him in March 2020- So he was never near? Assuming he is the source as it is his song, eh but then i never noticed static or anything like that when he was near and I heard it either.

He thinks maybe its … a beacon of some sorts, and me arriving in that town put me in range that i could perceive it.

We haven’t figure out all of the puzzle pieces yet tho, so… idk man.


I get music on loop in my mind constantly. Normally when my anxiety kicks in.

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I feel betrayed. I want answers, and the source of them is trying to show it to me without giving me them.

Just thought of something. If I pay attention, I hear a frequency. If I let it all meld together I hear none. Maybe it’s like tons of frequencies melding into one to make something coherent, and I have to let it.

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Me too, but I have never heard it before. It’s very odd. I will look into it.

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I don’t know what it could be , I suggest finding protection , but that has happened me to me previously

It has happened to me several times in the past. It lasted a few minutes and it was definitely a song with its own rhythm, but I couldn’t understand the words.
I don’t think what you heard is from a radio, maybe from another dimension.

Radio is light, not sound.

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You probably stored the music in your memory. I do it all of the time. Sometimes I hear music I haven’t heard anywhere else. I am still working on learning LMMS so I can encode it in a shareable format.


I just learned something new! Thank you!