Is it possible to gain weight in an unnatural way through magick?

Thought I’d ask before I take gear and wreak havoc on my hairline ( my family has the gene).

My goal naturally is to get to 190 at about 10% bf but that’s not naturally possible considering I’m 5’10. That’s lean and very big. Not massive but big.

I’ll probably lean down to about 170 and be pretty cut before I try to gain more size.

I mean to the 99% of the population I already look big and have a nice athletic physique but I want to be bigger. Not too big but big.

I don’t want this to be temporary either , I don’t want to fight to maintain the size. You do lose about half of what you get on gear after yo stop taking it so one cycle wouldn’t be enough to reach my goal and maintain it.

I’m 21 but I’ve been lifting for 5 years. Brutal truth is natty lifting sucks after your first 2-3 years.

So can a spirit do that ? Increase my dht so much that I gain a very unnatural amount of muscle next time I bulk up ?


You don’t have to bother with a spirit or dangerous drugs or chemicals like anabolic steroids.

Just learn to pore breathe the precurser elements that are naturally in your body already.

Human growth hormone
Amino Acids.

Saturate your body with them and you don’t have to worry about losing your gains.

Recruit your subconscious with affirmations and afformations.

Charge everthing you eat and drink with your intention and as you take them in, visualize your body growing as you want it to.


I think your weight and height is pretty much within the BMI index, as far as I can tell.

A spirit can, at best, motivate you and manipulate your astral body to make you feel bigger, and your astral body can remain at that phase as long as you like. If your lucky and motivated enough, it can affect your physical body to some degree. That is, if you’re able to feel spirits and energies on a physical level.

My general thoughts about bodybuilders is that some of them never get satisfied with their bodies, in a similar way to someone with bulimia or anorexia. And the body mass of a bodybuilder isn’t equal to longevity in raw strength in comparison to a wrestler or an athlete.

…but it’s your body, so follow @DarkestKnight’s advice. :slight_smile:

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@succupedia Pretty much. I get told I’m jacked all the time ( I say that as humbly as I can) because at someone my height 170-175 with low body fat like that is a very solid physique but as the years pass I look in the mirror and feel smaller and smaller. It’s the ugly truth of lifting.

Read about intermitting fasting.