Is It Possible To Curse Yourself?

Is it possible to curse yourself, on purpose, by accident? How severely could it manifest?


IMO, absolutely. What are addiction, anorexia, cutting, and other destructive behaviors if not self-directed curses produced from a deep-seated hatred of self?


Yes this would be the self-imposed jinx. More often than not it happens by accident. It’s kinda the Magickal equivalent of kicking your own ass with negative thought loops.

Cleansing and road opener rituals can help clear these pretty fast.
They can get pretty bad from what i’ve heard.


It is said that there is no karmic backlash un less one feels guilt for their actions, and as such a karmic debt would need to be paid. So if we were to perform a ritual , curses on someone and then later have guilt about it, a boomerang effect would take place.
However should we make the grievous error of cursing a child or pregnant woman then the backlash would be severe.
Just my thoughts.

Eh id have to disagree with that. The idea of karmic debt seems more and more the result of the JCI influence on the eastern idea of karma than what it is.

Most of the vedic texts speak of it in a way similar to the principle of vibration of hermetics. When your words,thoughts and deeds take on certain vibrations long enough you resonate to certain layers of reality in life and in death. This would explain how one could go from the earth plane to the demonic to the celestial, celestial to demon to earth or any of these various combinations
through the cycles of reincarnation.


I will respectfully disagree with Karmic Debt as well. It is only Psychosomatic, nothing more.
“Karma” is a Western idea, basically bastardized from Dharma. Dharma does nothing to protect anyone. A killer or abuser who goes against what they are meant to do in life will suffer in the next life. So if they are meant to abuse and refuse to act on it, they will have “Karmic Backlash” in the next life. It seems fucked up so, i feel, that is why it was rewritten to it’s invisible justice in the sky idea now.

It’s not how life works. To me, Karma is the idea of not handling your own business and expecting something else to do it for you or to use as an abuse against yourself for whatever Morality you feel should be in place.

There is no invisible justice that protects pregnant women (just them it seems, forget the rest of us) or children on its own. We do it ourselves and nothing will bite you for cursing a child but yourself and another Magician, Witch, etc.


honestly you could cause your own death. The human mind is very powerful and controls the body on a cellular level after all. Our consciousness is basically the lazy one watching the TV that our unconscious is paying for lol.

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It is possible to curse yourself, accidentally or otherwise.

As far as how you could accidentally curse yourself, you could botch a ritual in a way that causes it to turn on you (usually as a result of having the wrong meanings/associations in your working that end up twisting it). You could cast something baneful at someone but they have defenses that reflect any baneful stuff back to their caster. Really, there are innumerable ways, but almost all of them only come about if the practitioner isn’t competent.


So, are we to believe there would not be any pay back for placing a curse on a child of a pregnant woman?
Would the Grand Architects of the universe condone such an act without requiring an adjustment to ones spiritual growth? If there are adjustments to be made, what should we then consider these to be?

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Yes. If you look at the state of some countries abuses and child trafficking are still in full swing that went unpunished for along time. Though there are efforts being made both mundane and magickal by some here to do something about it. But it is not a quick process. If you study the history of the world its pretty gruesome at times but people are working to not repeat mistakes.

But as to a universal system of checks and balances id have to say nah when it comes to the human idea of what is “just and right” as that is a small scale view of the whole when compared against the whole of creation, though it is part of our reailty as humans on this planet so we have to handle it and work on making things better for the next generation.

As to “grand architects” the idea assumes that if some designers of reality exist that they would all be on the side of humans or our planet’s well being. As many can tell you this is not always the case. Some have agenda’s for the planet that fit their own ends, while some want to help us progress to the next stage in evolution whatever that may entail.


Yep. I accidentally brought anorexia on myself, though I was young and it was my first spell fueled by an unbreakable will.

You can do it in love too. I haven’t, but I’ve seen people hook a lover only to have a miserable life, domestic violence, disease, poverty, etc.

Curse someone in your home and you’ll have to deal with it too.


Yes, to both.

Bad. Like suicide bad.

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^^^Solid gold right here.^^^ Guard the gates of your mind.

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Also gold here :point_up:

This is why alot of texts have exersise to help know thyself so when you start interacting with spiritual forces you can discern which thoughts originate from you or an external sources.


ok so i might have a problem i made some lucifer powder and accidentally put it in my backpack (idk what i was thinking or if it was a friend i doubt and wasprbbly me) i’m sick now and idk if it has any connection