Is it possible to change your face with shapeshifting?

do you guys think it’s possible

Are you talking about physical shapeshifting? If so, then no, you cannot change your appearance to look like someone or something else. It doesn’t work that way. However, you can adjust your appearance to make yourself look better (like thinning your nose, plumping your lips/breasts, changing eye/hair colour, etc)


I don’t think changing those things is /not/ shapeshifting.

I guess you could call altering some features of your appearance “shapeshifting,” though, in my opinion, it’s not what most people think of when they hear that term. They think more along the lines of morphing into a completely other person, or some fantasy creature.

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I think it’s possible but astral shapeshifting’s one thing but physical shape shiftings another I not saying it’s impossible just check out Conner Kendall’s Wolf shape shifting post he said the shape shifting process of becoming a werewolf twas very painful, don’t let that stop you from achieving your ultimate goals,

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That post is what inspired me to ask this question tbh

Your physical structure no (th are t would require a surgeon) , but your aura and mood during your “shift” can change peoples perception of you slightly (or dramatically if you start acting crazy or overly aggressive with them).

It’s not possible to physically shift your structure (you can’t change from Wolf to man physically but you could give off the aura and it will affect how people interact with you.

So like if your in a “wolf state” your aura may give off a sense of danger ugly mean or unpleasant so you are unappealing to someone.

Different shift of mind state different aura affect. So like if your being a wolf man you give off different vibes nothing changes physically but depending on mind state you could radiate Casanova or you could radiate elephant man vibes. Then the vibes affect what people think. No one thinks someone angry and raging is handsome/beautiful etc. (part of why sometimes you’ll see a hottie going out with a butt ugly person. That persons vibe is attractive to that hottie.

I’m not sure I explained that well but does this help any?

What do you think of Conner Kendall’s wolf post?

It’s amusing to see the answers here

Honestly what is physical when you think about, atoms hold no physical space, this is all energy, I manifested the body I wanted with exercise and visualization, identical so it is possible

But if you’re more advanced than you can manipulate the subtle energy that entangles with the physical so technically yes you can change it physically I’ve done this many times

But things like this take lots of practice or lots of psychedelics

I’ve shapeshifted many many times temporarily, my nose even got stuck bent sideways once for 6 hours when taking on the form of another entity

Some people are more susceptible to shapeshifting especially if you’ve done it past lives but those that think their bodies are physical and it’s not possible are light years away from that type of magick, and I don’t say that to disrespect anyone on here

It just depends on the state of your energy and consciousness, if you want to unlock that DNA you would have to do a lot of energy work, different diets, fasting etc.

Depends on the person

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It’s too long to read it all if it’s the post I’m thinking your asking about.

My thoughts generally not specific to Connor Kendall’s thread is that any apparent effect is the result of the change in aura and attitude of the person endeavouring to transform, but everyone is entitled to believe as they please :slight_smile:

With that said, I’d love it if I could ever witness a REAL werewolf transformation (with them in a cage for safety if it was the real deal).

For myself unless I actually see a person transform I will believe that the effects are strictly due psychological and energy (aura) changes the attempt to transform engenders in them.

Add: I’ve yet to see a person grow a wolf snout, big erect ears, a fur coat and a tail so I shall remain a skeptic of actual changes in physiology until I observe it first hand :man_shrugging:

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How can you make ur nose thinner with magick?:confused: