Is it possible to become a demon?

Dear EA,

I was wondering if its possible to become a demon, and explore the afterlife as a demon, and how would one go about this? Would they have a demon help them with such matters? Thank you


Yes you can, first have to pass away, then after that you do have to go to Hell and be in Hell for centurys, the become a demon, ask Satan when you get there, if end up going to Heaven but you wanted to enter Hell Tell Jahova to go and fuck himself then go and pluck his beard.


You are a special kind of stupid aren’t you?


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Dude you need to detach from whatever Christian/ Catholic death grip you’ve got your head in :man_facepalming:



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They’re not demons, they’re the original gods before Christianity bastardized them.

So yes you can Become a Living God.


Do you know why this guy got banned?

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I think so with my demonic ties and pacts made with Azazel I feel my soul is going to become demonic as I enter the infernal realms and become a soilder demon for the prince of hell… that’s just an opinion I could be wrong but I feel the infernal hell fire burning inside of me…


at risk of ticking anyone off I think if you have strong ties to certain demons and the infernal you do become a demonic spirit and can be called by humans on the other side I think some succubus demons are dead human souls…


If you mean the guy that opened this thread, if you click on his name it tells you. He was banned for making duplicate accounts.


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In all fairness banjax was s little harsh perhaps but you choose now to feed it bowling.
And as for the initial replay you did it was a 2 year old thread so fairly unnessecary to revive and you comment on how to becoming a demon what basis does that have anywhere?
In all i must say that i to think it was a stupid respons.
Can you become a demon Well no you cant they are not the same type of being as we are If we can become demons then demons can become humans and seing as they dont seen to do that i would say no on that.
But hey you are the one that can destroy the Earth with earthquackes and hurling asteroids down on the Earth so fuck what little do i know.

I ask myself that for months :joy:. You can always flag a post. I find the posts of Bowling area extreme somtimes, but that’s his way