Is it possible to be with a incubus for a short amount of time?

I want to summon an Incubus but I want to put a time limit on it. Is that a wise thing to do? Can it even be done?


:rofl: I never thought I would share this! But here!

Good luck

Yeah, you can specify a one-off experience. Having a time limit is weird. These beings can fall in love so probably go for a one night stand. Read Succupedia’s letter of intent post.


I don’t really want one off experience, just wanted to learn what it’s like to be with a Incubus and what they can teach me but no serious commitments that’s all…


They are emotional being! You could ask for what you want but building the relationship depends on you. Sure if you state your guidelines they will respect them and will care for you. However, people usually struggles with keeping the relationship going… :rofl: by “serious commitment” do you mean linking or binding to you? They rarely do it but also after they get your consent!
These beings can do so much for you! Chakra and energy healing! They can teach you things if you can understand them!


In my experience you certainly can have a one night stand with these amazing beings. I refer to these types as "wandering astral succubi and incubi " . They can be summoned through a method of intense emotional intent while one is in an extremely heightened state of sexual arousal.

I recommend this to be done blindfolded, and masturbatory techniques can be applied during this process also, but not to climax. Repeat over and over aloud " Send me an Incubus/Succubus , come unto me!" working yourself into a frenzy.

It will typically take a few days to manifest, but you will have a powerful experience. There can be some anxiety and poltergeist type activity that goes along with that, so be prepared for that. They may visit you just a handful of times, and may also visit others within the household. That’s the only danger, as these types do not typically follow any kind of direction as would typically be laid out.
Good luck and hopefully that is helpful. Some may say this is BS, but I have done this many times and it most certainly is not. It’s very effective .
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serious commitment” do you mean linking or binding to you?
Yeah exactly :slight_smile:


I don’t want an eternal binding or something

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It’s less of an eternal bonding, and more like these spirits are quite emotional by nature. They fall in love and are typically willing to go “all in” very quickly. Be upfront with what you want and you should be just fine. There are absolutely those who do not enjoy sharing their lovers, either with humans or other spirits and very much desire a committed and monogamous relationship.


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And if you’re going to use candles… I suggest erotic candles (if you’re bold enough to order from a sex shop). I have and they deliver in a very plain box. Albeit, I ordered sex toys and not candles but I assume they’re all boxes relatively non-discreet. I mean my box didn’t say “Hotties sexy ADULT TOYS!” All in giant red lettering. Hah! Not even.

Anyways, candle suggestions:

If you can’t use a candle use a consecrate a sex toy of your choice, or clothing. Set the rooms mood ready for that encounter. Perfumes, roses, flowers, music, chanting, all in addition to whatever method you use. I do recommend the blindfold.


God I hope that doesn’t get me banned. I forgot about overly sex images even if candles. I’ve worked a lot of sex magic and been with a few entities that it clouds my judgement at times. Yeah, it’s why I sometimes stay away esp being a Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusper.

Oh, they will break your will if you let them. I was all succubus at first then they whispered in my dreams other ideas. As said in the first video they can be anything. And they affected my phone as well. Now these spirits or the ones that interact with me rather aloof at times, can be anything and I gotta say… the cliche’ demon form is as hot as those with tentacles and other forms.

But they are distracting if you let them and addictive. They keep on tempting me to buy Asenath’s latest book. Oh the Scorpio in me. Demon lovers… definitely my cup of sauce.


Very strange I had a few Of these dreams and then last time and my boyfriend and was being kicked in the balls by a black shadow so I think you’re right


Yes that’s correct

Awesome candles!

Yes. You would need to include what I call " Rules and Regulations " document that you draft up and read aloud during your summoning rite. You would burn that after reading it. This is where I would list anything that you would absolutely NOT want them to do, and you could also designate a period of time in which they can be with you. Good luck!