Is it possible to be possessed and healed?

I have a significant physical injury (extensive brain trauma) and I am looking for any possible method to reverse the damage.
Is there a particular entity that is extremely adept at healing?




how would I best be able to work with that angel? and humor me, is the improbable, possible? What I’m gunning for would be nothing short of a miracle really


Summon and invoke him. Many on here have worked with him. Ask him to assist you in that area of your life.


I am not certain the details of your injury, but even if we leave out the magick part and go into the realm of accepted medicine most of our nervous system (including and especially the brain) is a mystery. There are a multitude of documented cases of severe injury to the brain, spine, etc, where the individual was told they would never recover because “reasons” and then inexplicably recovered, partially if not fully in some cases. Their doctors cannot explain a thing and their recoveries get termed miracles in many cases. Nerve cells and brain tissue also regrows, we have found in recent years. You have to wonder how that happens, though. So, who knows? Raphael seems to be the go-to for healing, in any case. Also, are you meditating? There are more and more studies proving there is a direct effect on the actual physiology of your brain. It can literally grow brain cells. Why not give yourself the extra edge?


Great Question and awesome answers.
I have a few ideas, thoughts, and experiences I wish to share here.

1st - The Arch Angel Raphael
Watchtower of the East. Very powerful with several Choirs under him.

Here is the thing about Angels. Although some will disagree. Those who are Goetias and Children of King Solomon understand, others may not.
Angels are not fond of humans. Unlike Deamons who are very fond and empathetic with humans.
Angels tend to by bypass, play favorites, and usually do not help the random. They prefer to work with the initiated, chosen, adept.
More than likely some of you are rolling your eyes and probably yelling by now, and others know exactaly what I’m talking about.
More than likely, you may have summonsed an Angel and got a daemon is disguise or one of the Choral Members and not Raphael.
Now, this is not to discourage you. The facts are Angels, Especially Arch Angels are picky and I’m not going to sugar coat it for you. I will tell you the way it is. In my point of view ofcourse.
Yes, I agree, when Arch Angel Raphael agrees to work with you and you know how to OPEN A Temple in honor of the Arch Angels, the results are amazing.
What if your not an Adept, Goetia, Child of King Solomon and have no Idea how to open a temple, does that mean, there is no hope for self healing ??? Absolutely not!

Deamons are Healers too. And powerful ones. They are empathetic, understanding, patient, and loving. Re-remember… Deamon in another word for Spirit.

King Asmedeous
The Holder and Giver of the Syth is a powerful healer and has a very Father like side. Gentle, nurturing, kind, protective. I higly recommen him for Healing.

Also the Orisha Goddess Oya
Very powerful healer. I was severly wounded and she covered me in Buffalo skin and called my Ancestors of the Seminole Nation. Together they performed one of the most healing and miraculous rituals ever.

The Brain will heal. It takes time. It is not impossible. Blessings to you and your healing.

Drinking lots of Water, meditation, breathing exercise, Kundalini Yoga ( Kunda) You may want to look into Kurtis Joseph and his pratice. His yoga practice maybe very rewarding for you. Spending time in nature. Creating a daily practice is most helpful.
Having positive people around you.
Exercise. Staying away from toxic foods and people is a bonus too. The mind set.
Thank you for my healing.

Blessings to your healing and thank you for sharing.


It is difficult for me to meditate at the moment because any form of concentration gives me quite a bad migraine. Even in dreaming I find myself waking up with a bad headache. My visualizatory abilities have declined significantly and in the beginning I all saw was blackness (for 2 weeks after the initial incident, started to be able to have faint mental images, but requires concentrated mental effort). I used to meditate but I find that its difficult for me now. I simply cannot relax and waft in my head when it feels like I’m straining a mental muscle to do so. That has all made me pretty damn sad because for a decade I have been pursuing mental cultivation.

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How do I ascertain if the entity that appears before me when I call is the true entity?
Also, how would I even begin to contact the two entities you mentioned? I am even less familiar with daemons than with angels :(.

Thnaks for the helpful advice too by the way :slight_smile:

Well, I suggest
You develop a practice.
Here is Kurtisis Book. I could be wrong.
He may be a great guide for you.

For it would take a great deal of path workings and Initiations reach the ascension needed to perform these rituals. Ofcourse it can be done and in a matter of time.
Also, you can ALWAYS command a Miracle healing from the universe.

I command a Miraculous Healing in my life this instant ! So be it! Stop the ground X 3 and forget about it!!!


I’ve done this my self. First time possessing and healing another. Very easy actually


Thank you for sharing. I have found with a true heart, these are some of the most powerful interventions from spirit.

Could you define true heart?

My definition of a true heart…
A pure intention. Clear in outcome.
Knowing with unwavering faith it is so.
Pure source.


Ah that cool. Thank you

what do you mean?

What do I mean about what exactly?

possessing and healing another. you possessed them?

Jup. Only temporarily though

whats the point of you possessing them?