Is it possible to astral project while meditating

I would like to know if its possible to astral project during meditation as i usually feel dizzy, my inner vision pulls forward, my body tingles and feels like my inner self wants to detach from my physical body? Thanks.


It is extremely possible to astral project during meditation… I would even go as far to say that meditation is one of the best blast off points for astral projecting.


Yes, it is. But with your description, Is it astral projection or soul travel? While meditating and…

Soul travel can take place; you can be in the body and go places, see things, without projecting out of the body.

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Okay and do i need to fall asleep while meditatjng while and keeping my conciousness to astral project or just meditating and focusing of my breath with my back straight will do it?

Can someone teach me how to astral project while meditating

what’s the difference beetween soul travel and astral projection?