Is it possible/safe to work with Apophis?

I once worked with Apophis and when I told Kemetic pagans that they got very upset with me. I’m not sure why. I of course did study his mythology but I interpreted the mythology differently than most people. I considered the myths to be purely metaphorical and not literal. I also didn’t perceive Apophis as the bad guy and I still don’t. I just think that since Ra overthrew him he went from being a deity of then sun to a dark deity of chaos. When working with Apophis I didn’t know what I was doing and I had very strange/suspicious results. At the time I knew nothing about deitywork! I now am under the impression that what I was working with was a imposter spirit. Now that I’m educated in deitywork I’d like to take another jab at it. Do any of you have experience with Apophis or work with him? I want to know if it is worth taking another jab at. Thanks.

Yes it’s possible to work with Apophis, no it’s never safe to work with any spirit you just do it and when you do it you are prepared and confident in your own power.

Apophis was never seen as a bad guy until later down the line, he is brother to Ra, he is not the Deity some religiously aligned LHP people preach of him as some darkness and doom, he’s a God of the void, he simply embodies the deconstructive aspect of the void, just as Nun is the creative aspect and Set embodies both.

Apophis being a bad guy just like Set was brought on by Political upheaval.


would you mind elaborating on what you mean by “the void”?

The void, the space before creation, the mass of energy that exists outside the planes and between the realms. The primordial void/Khaos/Tiamat/Nun/Apsu/etc.

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So … what is “the deconstructed void”? How can I begin working with Apophis? What can i work with him for? I’m quite confused. I just want to make sure I go about this the right way.

the same thing the void simply deconstructs other energies as well.

By evoking him using his hieroglyphs, and you ask him, nothing is ever black and white and many beings know more than what is claimed of them, given you want to work with him you must have a reason why and not simply from random.


I will speak with him! thanks

Hey Bro! :slight_smile:

Those guys might wish to learn to study the magick works in more detail.

You might already know at least some things I tell you here, so, if you wish, you can see that as a confirmation.

Apophis is mentioned in the works of Aleister Crowley, in his Egyptian system of magick (and also golden dawn magick I believe?) - the serpent in every story represents the archetype of transformation itself, as a part of one’s own multidimensional psyche - and is absolutely necessary to ultimately be integrated in
every system, if one wants to fully master it, as it is important to be able to ground different forces properly (otherwise it makes subconscious cosmic transformation really slow and heavy). -transformation is constant - and it is necessary in order to evolve - Every single part is a part of the One cosmic Mind, and Apophis is rooted in what is Supremely Just, in the Omega, and ultimately in the Self, your true Cosmic Self, which you are here and now, and at all times. Working with him as you may have experienced, is about internal transformation, ‘shedding skin’ in figurative symbolism- (and of course you have your own individuality, as your soul is literally a god, ever becoming, as you awaken to more of yourself, depending on what route you take.
Something that shows that in magickal systems is that they are often combined, or overall in the system with other deities, from light the light or dark polarity- which we ultimately are both.

It can be Leviathan, Apep/Apophis, it can be the serpent of the Norse stories, or others being about transformation, generally doing the same things…;
I work with several ones in different systems - and they are all real,
and they all bring the same core lessons of self-mastery, transformation (and more) :slight_smile:

Those who choose to not work with the serpents, will generally experience these forces more ‘externally’ which often is the cause of even more external conflict experienced in the world.
The serpent helps us to ground ourselves into the world and the cosmos, even. :slight_smile:

Peace! :slight_smile:


Oh I get it! So you are saying serpent deities transform you from the inside unlike other deities who try to transform you by using your external reality?

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It’s possible to work with any spirit, that doesn’t mean it’s safe- but it also doesn’t mean it’s unsafe. I think in all honesty it depends solely on your relationship to your spirits. I believe Michael Kelly has a book on him- never read it so it’s possible it’s following the Apep archetype but it’s probably worth a read.

What I will say though is to be careful with who you ask. I am coming from a completely neutral view but many Kemetic Pagans would tell you you’re insane because of the mythology behind Apophis.

Stay safe :slight_smile:



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I haven’t worked with him because I have no interest in doing so.

I have worked with the children of Loki who get a very bad reputation too. I saw Fenrir in a dream and all Asatru followers usually say bad things about him but he’s a cool God tbh


Im very tempted to work with Apophis and i already worked with Léviathan and Jörmungandr those snakes are amazing but i’d like to talk more about Jormungandr
When i started working with him my friend who was an asatru was absolutly terrified of my idea but you know what ? I think it was one of the kindest entity i’ve ever worked with i mostly did protection ritual and some divination in order to have a good relationship his energy was so calm and even friendly.
For Léviathan he is more on the “cold calm” his energy was kinda close of Tiamat’s.
It’s metaphoric but i think you’ll get it
Jormungandr was like a lake
Léviathan the sea
Apophis would be space/the void


My experience with Jormugandr was almost exactly the same. He has a fierce aspect too but his energy was very calming

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I haven’t worked with Apophis but the vibe I got from him was exactly like this.

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Tok Kree Jaffa!

Dark matter, anti-matter, for a few more names =)

Im slowly making some approach toward Apophis with divination i’ll probably make a post about my experience later
He is very distant and ”less friendly” than Leviathan and Jormungandr

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Looking forward to it!

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How deep you wanna go into the rabbit hole with this one? I know this was posted in December but if you haven’t found a resolution to this question I would love to hear your update.