Is it possible overexposure to death energy causes symptoms?

And is there a such thing as death energy addiction?

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Overexposure to any foreign energy can cause symptoms of ill health.

Since “death” energy, by its very nature, is inimical to life, it can, and does, quite often cause sickness in those who deal with it regularly. It can be a hazard of the job for necromancers.

And yes, you can get addicted to energy, even that of death. Poison often tastes sweet, even as it kills you.


Indeed I had rashes on my palms when I tried to absorb too much energy from the virus.

I’m finding that it caused a psychosis in me, and delusional thoughts. A total loss of appetite, poor sleep, and my blood often goes to my organs, leaving me freezing cold.

I’ve just realised that creative/artistic expression helps raise my vibration, and I guess this is how a lot of necromancers deal with the energy, but will this help with delusional thoughts? Will something like journaling help?

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Any good resources for those new to necromancy? Looking for resources that tach how to deal with this type of problem, how to avoid it, etc.

“Too much of anything is a bad thing” I’ve always been told this and as I’ve grew, I can validate this statement.


I worked with Santa Muerte daily for around 20 months and then worked her black robe often over the summer to fend off serious attacks and for protection. It took around 18 months for the symptoms to start. I need to wean myself off, as I’m feeling very drawn to her even though I know her energy is toxic to my mind. When she called me to work with her, I knew nothing about necromancy and this stuff. The spirits are telling me they’ll help me wean myself off, but that I must learn basic necromancy and the basic techniques for dealing with death energy safely.

But I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find a good resource that gives me the info I need.

I had a dream earlier today, where I was in the Dead world vaping death energy and a friend told me I need to get off that stuff. It was like heroin to me.

So my new plan is to completely stop working with Santa Muerte until I know I’m no longer addicted, then only start working with her again on a weekly basis, when I’ve learned what I need to know. Until then, no spirits of the Dead for me. I’ve no idea how long that takes.

It doesn’t help that when I went through my damnation around a month ago, that I was under heavy attack and I was suffering from a psychosis. It’s taken me this long to see any real progress in my recovery, to start getting back on my feet, to put an end to the last attack from my previous life. lol

I have become addicted to death…anything to deal with death and it’s energy, I view it as grey and heavy it can cause your mental health to get worse such as thoughts of suicide are common at least for me…

Maybe not get into death energy if you already have depression and suicidal thoughts…

I weaned myself off for the most part. Now, I mostly work with Santa Muerte’s white robe, and her energy is far less corrosive than her black robe’s energy is. but one still has to be careful. What I did was, I started expressing myself artistically or creatively, and that helps massively with reducing the amount of death energy within me. In fact, the moment I picked up a pen and started doodling, I felt the symptoms subside and the relief was instantaneous. Also, I’ve found that Belial can clear away excess death energies after working with Santa Muerte. Santa Muerte also encourages creative expression as a way to manage the levels of death energy within.

So these are some tips for anyone who is also feeling addicted to death energy, who might be kind of wondering what to do about it. It’s wise to take care of yourself, so regular creative expression (this can be painting, doodling, creating something in Illustrator or Photoshop, creative writing, crafting, etc), and making sure your living space is clear of excess death energies and essences - these are vital, but grounding yourself, and being in the world of living too. Self care. Etc.

In fact, if you’re prone to suicidal thoughts or depression, I’d advise staying well away from necromancy and spirits of the Dead until you’ve resolved these issues. Necromancy is already a hard path to walk, trying to do it when you’ve got mental issues is imo suicidal.

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Oh yeah it can be draining but it has also helped me get rid of my fear of death and made me embrace it…I no longer am afraid of dying from anything be it COVID-19 a car accident getting shot or stabbed to death etc…

Death is hard at work with the current virus going on taking tons of lives…I find it hard to stay in the physical and get bored of mundane things like hobbies

No wonder, with your addiction.

If you really wanted to die, you would have off’ed yourself by now.

So, live! Get away from the death stuff and explore life. You’ll need to change your perspective, and your mindset, but that’s something we all need to do when we want to get anywhere in life. Do it, and you’ll find your interest reemerging soon enough.

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