Is it okay to take a day or two off between the Rituals in Damon Brand's success Magick?

So I’ve finished ritual 1 from success Magick. But I kinda feel drained because I’ve been doing other rituals as well, so I was wondering if it’s okay to take a day after each 7 day ritual?

Thanks and much love :two_hearts:

Yes, it is fine. Find whatever schedule is most comfortable for you. When I worked through the book, I occasionally took a day or two off between rituals.


Thanks as always

I’ve been taking breaks between rituals too, it’s draining to go continuously. Plus I have to do other magick aswell , it should be ok since they aren’t related.


Um…so I still haven’t done the second ritual and because I have an exam coming it’s a lil stressful right now.

Is it okay for me to take a few weeks off. It’s already been 3 days.


Help please @DarkestKnight @Tuxedo-cat :pray:

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I started this on Jan 1, 2021 and I only finished last week. I went on vacation for a week and little weekend breaks here and there. I just didn’t feel comfortable doing this in front of my husband in a hotel room (even he though he supports what I do).


Yes. I took a week or two off between some of the rituals during the year. It’s fine. Go at your own pace.

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Thank you so much @Tuxedo-cat and @DarkestKnight :pray:. Sorry for asking too many questions about this I get really paranoid if I’m not following everything by the letter.

Do whatever is comfortable for you, but just be mindful that you don’t let too much time go by before continuing the working. It’s very easy to get so wrapped up in the mundane and let the magical slide.