Is it normal to feel depressed and zero energy after cursing?

Idk if this would be considered a curse because it didn’t involve meditation or a full on ritual. But I wrote “_____ _____ dies” over and over on paper crossed it, folded it 3 times and burnt it. I just feel weak and sad. Idk if it’s cuz I’m sick or what.

Though I don’t feel like I really did anything, let me just tell you, this curse was definitely undoubtedly justified


Yep. Not just cursing actually, but spells in general.
The way I see it when this happens, you use your personal energy to complete the task.


But just to be sure if the draining persists, I would suggest to perform a banishing ritual

It took like under 5 minutes though. And one time performing a ritual I was crying and screaming with anger but this time I wasn’t

Every ritual and spell differs from another. I for an example had done a spell and had the same symptoms as you, and one other time I was feeling euphoric.


Yes. I get downright sick often for days on end after baneful rites.

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If your spell has really worked, you should feel extremely exausted after performing it. No matter if it was a curse or other.
If you feel something else than total exhaustment, most probably it won’t work.


The reason I feel like my exhaustion isn’t because of the spell is because the spell took me like 2 minutes and I wasn’t meditating or really getting all my emotions heavy unlike last time

Omg I got a cold from my brother but it was going away and then after doing this it’s like it started over again and got worse idk maybe it’s in my head

I doubt it’s all in your head. Murder is a natural human taboo and you have consciously willed the death of another human being. Transgressing taboo like this always takes some kind of toll. I’d say though that it’s healthier to cognize and pay that sooner than later.

Zero energy in my opinion yes, if you’ve put everything into it this is natural especially if your working darker stuff.

Depression on the other hand as an after emotion feels wrong to me, this either suggests you could be regretful or fearful of results.

Is this how you intended it, you shouldn’t be saying things of this nature unless you mean it and you know what your doing. Anytime you wish someone dead against their will, it’s a curse LOL

Why do you feel like it needed meditation? unclear on that, and why did you skimp on the ritual if you felt you should have done more?.

then you didn’t, simple as that!

Here you consider it a curse?hmmmm

Your internal struggle over who you are and what you want is clearly evident. Please take care and take these early years to build that foundation that will endure for a lifetime.

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Just moved your topic to Baneful magick section since it is about cursing.

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Very possible because it’s usually entering into a rather unpleasant state that is founded on an illusion.

My intention and anger was there but I just feel like it’s too easy otherwise everyone could kill someone. I told someone what I did and they said it’s an effective ancient death spell but even though it’s what I wanted I just can’t fathom it’s that easy.

Also when I imagine a ritual I imagine something where you’re in a diff state of mind that takes like an hour. this took me 5 min

It is not necessary to be hours long, some rituals can be performed for few minutes, and still be effective. It depends on the mind set, emotions, energy and the power.

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Nothing is truly hard or easy. It’s the relativity between patterns of thought that determines it. Stuff you are accustomed to, appears “normal”, “natural” and “true” ( :slight_smile: even though your sensory and rational perception is terribly flawed if accurate at all :slight_smile: ) and other things seem “hard”, “unnatural”, “unusual” etc. Don’t worry about how easy it is. It’s terrible when you want to feel ease and then feel bad that it is.

The main thing in a ritual is the feeling. Of course, now you need to do it again till you feel satisfied or altogether fed up doing it. The desire and associated doubt must exhausted somehow. You can also just let it go and get on with the rest of your life.

do self love work after.
It’s probably just all that energy lingering