Is it just a dream?

I had a very intense dream where a man reveals he is Azazel, and then were taken to a mansion with other couples (i guess im his date) ,theres music playing, theyre grilling steaks, and he comes out of the human body, and he has horns, his real body isnt that different, and he starts to fuck me in front of everyone. They act like its common, like since im new, hes just messing with me, then goes on to get me high. I didnt have to do the drugs, i just start blowing out smoke, and instantly feeling euphoria, he goes to show me all he can offer, then suddenly everything gets sinister feeling, and i realize i cant find my mom (were very close) and its meant for me.know that , that was the price i paid .

This is interesting, because i have never tried summoning Azazel. Only King Paimon. I did research earlier, and someone said they are of the same energy.

What do you think? Just my mind dreaming or was Azazel reaching out to me?

It’s good to know a divinatory art for cases like these, then ask if the dream was significant and if Azazel was reaching out to you.

I had a interesting dream some time ago with an unidentified spirit but it turned out to be nothing (I was just obsessed with the subject at that time) and nothing came of it.

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