Is it Dangerous to use an ouija board

i want to communicate with lucifer
So i ordered an oujia board
Since ea koetting has one I thought
That its probably not dangerous at all
To use an ouija board.
But obviously i am trying to develop my astral senses And develop my clairaudience so i can hear lucifer
But pls tell me if i should not use an ouija board to communicate with lucifer

This video may help you find out.

This video gives some info on an entity who may frequently be contacted through ouija sessions.

Hope these help :wink: !

I have used a ouija board, granted I was child and naive and did not use it properly nor was I able to do much with it but my very Catholic Grandmother took it from me and hid it then threw it away. I now hold a few reservations only because I know you can’t always take it lightly but if you want to use it I would say read up on it from people whom have used it to communicate with Lucifer to find the best means of doing so. I don’t think we should fear it or steer away but like everything I think there is a right and wrong or at least a more effective way of going about it. Some of the Facebook groups I belong to have many people that use it and they speak very positively so I think there is something to be said there. If you do communicate with Lucifer update us as it is something I may want to do myself! I wish you success in your doing so.

If the person using it knows how to use it for psychic means, any tool is useless unless used in the “right” hands. I plan to get one myself and imbue it to act as a legitimate gateway that is if nothing happens with it prior to that.

Ouija board is not dangerous… the spirit you’re using the board to communicate with, might be. If you don’t have previous relationship with that spirit, then you better be prepared and protect yourself and the place you’re in, just in case.

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