Is it a parasite?

Hey everyone!!

Quick background before I explain why I’m asking if it’s a parasite…

My best friend, & I have a magickal link to one another. Last night him, & I both lost all of our energy at the exact same time, after days of me feeling that something magickal was afoot.

He works third shift, & when I was sleeping, he had said out loud too, the universe that it can’t just take his energy like that. He then received an audible response. He heard something along the lines of “Oh yeah??” & This being then laughed.

This morning when I woke up I had a bad premonition, & so did he. Something was off today. Too keep a long story short, I went to the waterfront in the town my mom lives in (I’m currently visiting here trying to figure out some medical issues) that always gave me a very powerful natural boost, & harbors a spot that I know for a fact when I go to said spot I AM being heard 100% no questions asked.

Well while I was there utilizing the natural boost the waterfront provides me, I told the spirit to show itself. I told it that I want to know what the premonition was about, & who it was.

The response I got was cryptic, & didn’t answer any of my questions. It told me something that I’m not sure is okay to share, just in case it blocks anything I’m trying to manifest.

When I described this voice, & what it said to me to my best friend that I’m linked too, he said that it was almost the same description of the voice that he heard last night. The only difference was to me the voice sounded more feminine, & to him it sounded more masculine.

My question is, is this spirit a parasite or something genuinely apart of what I may possibly be have manifesting??


The spirit told me I’m able to share the information

It said to me “Congratulations…Mr. & Mrs [my last name]… You’re falling… She’s falling… Into the pit of fiery love…Her head is for you…her heart is gearing towards you…”

When I was able to feel it’s presence again after that, I asked it what it meant by that, & it told me “figure it out” I told it back that I need a hint or clue or something to that effect essentially. I didn’t hear back from it again until just now where it told me I can share this information with you

I forgot a detail as well that was just pointed out to me… This spirit had also giggled, & claimed “I do what I want” to my friend as well

It could be one of many things. The first thing that comes to mind is it’s either a Sludge (energy parasite) or your own subconscious and repressed parts of you manifesting.

The easy way to tell the difference is that Sludge can be cleansed and banished, and your shadow cannot. If the basics (grounding, centering, shielding, cleansing, and banishing) don’t work, then you need to look into Shadow Work and help heal (accepting and embracing) those repressed parts of yourself.

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I appreciate the input!!

It’s looking like this may be my familiar that I tried summoning months ago

But I will look into it further, & any input helps!!

It doesn’t sound like any parasite I’ve encountered… but I could be wrong.

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Although now that I think of it… during one of my walks I found myself hanging around a cute little Catholic Church it was lush with flowers and in really good condition!… and them all of a sudden I felt something enter me… I felt heavy and dizzy… then with a sudden heave ho it jumped out and pissed off… I felt noticeably lighter when it did that… almost empty… no change that! I was empty! The thing took off with all my energy! Probably back to the church… would explain why they are doing so well out in the middle of no where! And before you ask it didn’t jump into until I had crossed over on church grounds! So maybe it was one of them? I doubt any deity or theirs spirits would take any of your energy without your permission before hand… I doubt they even need it! In fact one of them mocked me while I slept and he didn’t take any of my energy! Just poked me in the back with a realistic cane!

Sorry about the text wall… got carried away… (pouts).

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That is wild!! Have you expierenced it again since??

I had figured out what it was…It wasn’t a parasite it was my familiar that I had raised months ago coming back stronger than ever before!! He shares the bond between my buddy & I, so he’s technically considered now our familiar

I have had another entity come by a red one but it always steals my energy then warps my mind into thinking other parasites are my friends… it also seems to empower other parasites it’s self… also theirs alway the unfortunate chance someone else has been altering your familiar so you shouldn’t just trust it straight off the bat also parasites get off on confusing and tricking their prey and since I’m always under heavy attack I’m not sure if my words can even be trusted… but yeh now that I think about it… it kinda sound like a parasite… nothing positive should just take your energy without asking first!

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The thing is, since I’ve commanded it to stop taking our energy it hasn’t…It’s followed my every command since we figured out it was my familiar…He’s been behaving & responding…He hasn’t lied to me either yet since he’s appeared too me. Next time I astreal project I’ll see if I can find him over there to make sure, but it hasn’t given me a reason yet not to trust it…

I can send you a spell to help rid of your parasite if you’d like!!

Maybe I’m wrong maybe it is something you can trust… but I would at least advise caution.

Besides that’s how I got my parasites they pretended to be friendly for a time then they just attached themselves and just me for a battery…

Either way I don’t know the whole situation maybe it is different I hope it is… still… maybe cautious…

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I have a familiar who is a astral parasite that attacked mum.

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I will for sure & I’ll keep you updated!!

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Oh wow!! That’s wild!! I’m sorry to hear though…Is she okay??

Yeah I took it out and it bonded to me and grew stronger.


Is it a parasite to you or simply your familiar??

Familiar. Parasite is a species of beings.

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