Is invocation the same as possession?

Hi, I was wondering if an invocation is the same thing as possession? Also if I invoke a demon do I have to perform an exorcism or how does this work? Can anyone explain it to me since I am pretty new to magick and have a lot of questions? Is there anyone who has used the invocations in the book “Awakening Lucifer”? What are the pros and cons to invoking? What can be gained from it? Does a dramatic change occur? And if so how fast does the change happen? Is it fine for a beginner to start invoking demons? Like maybe Melek Taus? I have tried evocation and I could feel that the demon came but I couldn’t see or hear it so there was only a one-way communication and I felt like I didn’t get anything out of it not even what i asked the demon for, that is why I thought that an invocation might be a good idea because I won’t need to be clairvoyant to receive benefits or knowledge from it, is what I am assuming true?
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No, they are not the same.

In an invocation, you are calling the power of a spirit inside of you, but its consciousness stays external to you. The pro of an invocation is that you get to call upon the power of the spirit, and make it a part of you. I have never seen dramatic external changes from an invocation though.

The con is, if you are not at least a bit skilled in energy manipulation, you won’t get much out of an invocation because it requires you to be able to feel energy.

In a possession, you get the whole enchilada, including the spirit’s voice and personality, and it has the ability to override your consciousness for periods of time. Possession can lead to very dramatic changes in both form and personality.


Thank you for clearing that up. I understand it better now, but what is energy manipulation? You say it requires me to be able to feel energy and i believe i can do that because i can feel spirits during evocations and rituals and I can often sense peoples mood or vibe. Also is there a feeling or some type of high that comes with the invocation? You say it doesn’t bring dramatic external changes but does it bring any internal changes what so ever? Please give an example of what it feels like i really want to understand a little better before i receive the book, I am curios.

Yes, an invocation will bring internal changes, and, depending on the type of energy invoked, it will colour the way you perceive the world. If it is the power of Mars, for example, you might find yourself being more aggressive, and starting fights a lot. if you invoke the power of Venus, you might find yourself being flirty, and loving, and more attracted to comfort and nice things, etc.


Thanks for the help it is much appreciated.:blush:


Thanks. Good work @DarkestKnight ! :muscle: