Is Elubatel going to destroy my life?

NAP kept cropping up for me, so I bought an e-version on the kindle and read through it, (understanding @Lady_Eva experience evoking the book, but still curious).

I finished the book, decided the first ritual I wanted to attempt after Point A was the Elubatel ritual for success. So I complete it, I try to visualize the general career goals I have for myself that I need success in. I feel heavy, like really fucking heavy, depressed.

Then I start reading about people’s lives being completely fucking shattered for months at a time. They lose everything. How dangerous this ritual is, I feel like a complete fool.

What if something happens and I lose custody of my kids? What if I get hurt or they get hurt. Fuck.

Eventually I try to summon Elubatel again. I stare at her sigil until it dances, I specify the best I can my exact image of success in my career and with my children by my side.

This is all long, anxious post to ask: Is Elubatel pretty much dead set on ripping apart my life now, so I can have no obstacles to success, nothing to divert my attention from my goals? Or is the fact that I had at least some approximation of a path in my life that I needed success in going to help direct her energies? Has anyone had an experience with Elubatel that didn’t involve completely unending everything you know?

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I’ve worked with Elubatel, as part of a monetary goals. I have some advice.

  1. Be productive. Meaning just do whatever work you do in your daily life, and stick with it. (I had a “now bring me money while I spend a day on Netflix” attitude. I got my ass kicked, and I definitely improved.
  2. Shift your mindset. Elubatel isn’t here to mess with your life to be an a**hole, or a jerk. Suppose your life was encapsulated in a 2D photo. In this senario, Elubatel exists in 3D, and can simply “understand more” than you in your life-as-a-photo example. (So, if several aspects of your life unravel- good. While the person may panic at a loss of a job ect - The angel may see how you will move to another location. There you may encounter a better paying job, and find some quality companionship.
    A tad long winded, but I hope it helps out!

Thanks for your thoughts. I am realizing that the things I requested help with I have at least put a lot of work in towards and am actively pursuing, so ideally if things did get shifted around positively towards those goals in conjunction with my work to be successful.

My real anxiety is about it effecting my children negatively doesn’t come to pass. Otherwise I am open to the changes necessary in my life to align me with my goals of success. I am hoping my secondary petition and then continued petitions amending my request with some earmarks about keeping my family intact will suffice.

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Call with Ebuhuel and Atuesuel. They balance it out.

Be ready for a ride. The only way out is through, it’ll be amazing though. Do your part walking and doors will appear


I have worked with Elubatel for several years now. Never once have I suffered any depression or had my world turned upside down. He is the angel of success in NAP but he is also one of the angels of omnipotence and can bring forth the monsters of hell. Most of what I’ve seen is people that have worked with three angels of omnipotence have been working wealth magick and had their lives turned upside down. Why GOM thought it was a good idea to use those three for wealth magick I don’t know. But Elubatel by himself has been very good to me. I first worked with him using NAP but later I got to where I could vibrate his name and he would answer. Do not be afraid of him.

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Don’t be anxious. (Easy to say, hard to do, I get it.) You can always ask Elubatel to make your path forward easy and your transition smooth. Or, you can work with them or with other powers to make you capable of handling rapid change without stress and upheaval.

Others may disagree with me but I am of the opinion that your mind is the most powerful influence when it comes to how entities affect your life. If you approach workings like you’re driving down the highway at 150km/h and then suddenly you’re taking your hands off the steering wheel and covering your eyes, you might find that your life is going to go through massive upheaval while you’re just sitting there in passenger mode. Nope. Don’t forget that you’re the one in the driver’s seat. Even if you’re reacting to and steering around obstacles. Even if you’re driving in the dead of night with no streetlights and simply finding your way home going by the few metres in front of you illuminated in the headlights. You’re still the one in control.


After reading everything here, I am realizing that the horror stories I’ve seen are exactly from people who didn’t go into the working with a sense of direction. As i’ve continued the ritual, I’ve reminded myself that I know my definition of success and have worked towards it before this moment, which means I do get some say in where Elubatel takes me.

I guess I thought that there would be some gotcha moment where, sure, I got my wish, but it means my kids have to move away with their shitty dad or something because I wasn’t clever enough to specify. Now I am realizing I get some say in that as I continue the ritual and envision what my successful reality looks like.

And, I’m cautiously optimistic that I’m already seeing signs in the right direction for what would be a life changing event for me.

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