Is EA acting?

So, i’m really curious about magick. I know islamic magick, how to do it…
I’ve been watching EA Video’s for 6 Month’s, i bought EA’s Mastery Series (Evocation, Kundalini, Soul Travel, Divination … ) Practicing Evocation sometime’s i see dream’s i always wake at 2-3 am after doing evocation
Bought Black Sun Covenant, did the ritual but i felt nothing, watched to Ritual video i don’t know it is like acting
I’m really into this i really like EA’s content’s but
I would appreciate if some one informs me


in his you tube videos appears more gentle than the live videos on facebook

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I like the old vids more

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i actually both

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Sometimes it’s to much

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His ritual’s are like gazing the sigil for 3 or 4 minutes then okay you did the pact or the spirit is here
I really like his content’s but as i said earlier i don’t know if he is acting

Ea is a very powerful magician, years and years of mastering his craft… that’s all i’m gonna say.


It sounds like you are expecting the rituals to be more flashy then they are and are expecting hollywood level theatrics to ensue one you have preformed the ritual. Generally neither of these are the case with rituals.

The only thing that really matters is are you doing the work and by doing the work are you getting results?

Depending on the goals these could take a few days to a few months. Things are not just gonna appear around you within minutes if you are just starting out.



Maybe you need some help. Consider “ritual for hire”.
Magicians do that, for a very good reason.

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Yes, as i told earlier, i bought rite of deification which is going to happen in next 10 hours, bought the Black Sun Covenant did the ritual but nothing happened yet, this is why i am asking this actually

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No, he’s not, there are real spirits within those videos and people on here, myself included, have been contacted by them as a direct result of watching his ritual videos.

  1. I don’t work for BALG in any manner and
  2. I have been doing magick myself for over 25 years and don’t do it commercially, so I have nothing to gain by misleading you here.

The videos are real, if you watch most of us doing our own work it would look pretty unspectacular and yes, contact can be made almost instantly, and altered states of awareness entered easily, with enough experience. :+1:


I agree with @Lady_Eva i know people that have consulted him personally too and they all agree as well… but i do believe his ego may have blocked him in the past in videos like his necromancy one, which frankly seemed disrespectful and didn’t resemble any necromancy rituals i have personally witnessed either… other than those few exceptions i think the guy is pretty bright and definitely has some major power to a degree.


J.S. Garrett’s ritual?

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Did you have a personal consultation? It goes prior to the ritual.
Have you asked him why don’t you have any results so far and what can you expect from the coming ritual?


Afsin are you Turkish?

Tek Türk benim sanıyordum burada :smiley: neredensin?

Again it sounds like you are expecting things in your life to shift instantaneously. Which is not how most magick works. In the case where things do shift fast it is often a rough experience as that which was has to be removed to make way for that which will be. Real magick does not function like it is portrayed in fiction novels or video media.

Time is a factor here as such events outside of your conscious awareness take place that usually result in things looking like a coincidence.


If you don’t have time to watch this video both magicians share quite different oppinion from yours, if I’m not misinterpreting their explanations.


I was more talking about the lucifer rite. I watched this awhile back and agree that Empowerment rites like the rite of deification are another type of magick that can have faster results. Similar to how some types of energy work will have immediately noticeable effects.

But magick geared toward manifestion of a long or short term goal can vary depending on the goal, the skill and power of the magician, and the recipient whether it is the magician doing work on themselves or another. For example like building a new business that may take longer than say getting a promotion or attracting new clients for a business.