Is Christopher Nolan a Luciferian?

I remember hearing on the Know Thyself podcast that Christopher Nolan is a Luciferian. I wish I had a link to the episode. They didn’t really go into why but just mentioned he was one.

The only hints I see are: the prevalence in showing a Red number 5 in a few of his movies, possibly signifying the Sephiroth of Gevurah.

Batman begins is basically a Left-Handed initiation into a secret society.

Momento features a left hand path individual on the hunt for his wife’s killer.

This, plus all of his movies have an aspect of Time Manipulation. If you’ve read Lucifer and the Hidden Demons, you would know that the manipulation of time is Lucifers main office.

Has anyone one else come across this possibility? Something about his work gives me the general impression he is of the Left Hand Path and a Luciferian.

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Unless Christopher Nolan himself has publicly said he is, then it is very much just pure supposition. Stories are all around us and can come from anywhere. I don’t know why religious people always seem to have this need to project their own beliefs onto others.


I think you’re reading way too much into it.

Neither Batman nor the lead from Memento are left-hand initiates. One is a superhero with issues and the other is someone with short-term memory loss. Just because someone isn’t blatantly Christian, it doesn’t mean that they’re LHP. It ain’t that deep.

Any symbolism in mainstream media should be treated as a coincidence until the person behind it says it was intentional.

Not every celebrity is into the occult. And those who are, usually practice a very watered down version of it.


In an interview, he said this:

“The influence of Christianity on my films is mostly cultural, in terms of my upbringing. I was raised a Catholic. A lot of the cultural potsherds, a lot of my education, Christianity, and the ideas of Christianity, flowed around in that.”

-Christopher Nolan, Writer’s Block presents

Christopher Nolan is most assuredly NOT a Luciferian. He’s not even a Catholic. He’s non-religious. However, as an artist, he likes to mine the zeitgeist of Western culture, which is heavily influenced by Christianity, and play with its central themes of faith, sacrifice and selflessness in his work.


But Bro do you really think he would come on Tv and say say that he’s a luciferian and his movies are for initiation ? He would lose his fan base.
Do you even at least 5 celebrities who have already said that they are into occult ?

I sent my novel manuscript to a publishing house, I mixed it with my Rosicrucian and Vedic astrology knowledge and symbolism. When they asked me certain questions about those symbolism, I pretty much answered the same bullshit as the quote of Nolan you inserted


It’s just a case of religious people projecting their beliefs on others. Nolan is an artist. He find inspiration in everything. It doesn’t mean he believes it. Don’t confuse universal themes for personal beliefs. They’re not the same thing.

Everyone reads into artistic work whatever they want to see. They interpret it through their own coloured lens. This is a fact and the purpose of art.


Nolan is an eminent scholar of many philosophical schools. I have already received some of his master monograph, unfortunately I can’t show it

Why not? Tom Cruise has openly stated he’s a Scientologist.

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To answer @Under_the_Skin

In The 1st Batman movie, batman’s parents died killed by a thug.

In his quest of being strong he went up to the mountains :mountain_snow: and was trained by a guy named Ra’s al ghul.

In his final initiation, Batman was asked by Ra’s al ghul to cut the head of a murderer so he can complete his imitation.

Batman didn’t want that and set fire to the place, fought and almost killed them.


Sun and moon represent father and mother in someone’s life ( the soul and the mind)
Batman soul and mind were killed by a THUG on a street.

He went to Ra’s al ghul who is know as Rahu, the headless demon king in astrology. Rahu was called Ra’s al ghul back in the days, a thug king

Rahu main job is to kill (eclipse) the sun and the moon. In the movie Rahu eclipsed Batman sun and moon

Rahu trained the Batman in the mountains: it means the teaching was under the guidances of Jupiter but failed. So Jupiter cast him out.

The story of the Batman as told by Nolan is the story of Satan- Saturn in Hinduism.

When Satan was born there was an eclipse , he was dark. He was chased away by his father sun and mother moon abandoned him. Satan went to Jupiter asking him to be his mentor but Jupiter refused because he was illegitimate and was black skinned. But Lucifer venus didn’t judge him, took Satan under her wings and taught her everything she knows. Later Satan became the lord of Justice, the one that fight against criminal gods and judge human beings

This is different, it doesn’t have any subconscious impact on you as if he was to let the word Lucifer out of his mouth

Not really. Most of the general population sees Scientology as a malicious cult (mainly because it is), but that didn’t stop Tom Cruise. Satanism/Luciferianism has been slowly gaining traction in the US, so I’d argue that only people who have problems with Lucifer would take issue.

At the end of the day, that’s what Luciferianism is: a religion.

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Give me at least one name of celebrity that has openly say he is a luciferian?
Bro even yourself probably choose who tell about your spirituality. At the end of the day, they are also human and they must cherish their fan base. It’s not only about them.

And I’m sure there are people who are closeted Christians, what’s your point?

I’m not Luciferian (or part of any organized religion, really), so such conversations would be pointless lol.

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I don´t think it´s important whether he is or isn´t. I think what´s important is what symbolism you´ve made out in these movies and how that symbolism relies back to you and your path.


My point is they think more on their public image and opinion rather than themselves. So even if he was luciferian or practice occult he wouldn’t tell because that would tarnish his public image.
This society was heavily christian and now it tending to atheistic. When people find out you practice occultism, they think you are crazy and delusional. Even being heavily faithful in Christianity can make you be seen as someone without clear judgement.

And those celebrities have contracts worth millions of dollars :dollar: and do you think they would jeopardize that just for the sake of being themselves on TV? They won’t

Even myself can’t tell my practices to anyone, I must choose to whom I tell to because I would be seen as someone to be trusted with social responsibilities


My thoughts exactly

From my understanding, Ra’s al ghul is named after the fixed star Algol (another occult connection), but I could be wrong

Have you seen the first Batman? The League of Shadows is extremely LHP.

What’s the difference between Satanist & luciferians? :thinking:

We mustn’t use the “ R” word :flushed::face_with_hand_over_mouth:it just gets just a Bad rep.