Is Christianity in the Bible same as the white magick and right hand path?

What’s the difference between the two?
Does the RHP/Christianity have any specific rules or guidelines to follow(like in the Bible)?

Christianity is a religion, RHP a label for multiple paths that can fit into the “service to others” category while LHP is “service to self” but they all tend to blend.

Christian witch is a thing now and it’s basically calling on Yahweh or the holy trinity in your magick workings.

Christianity has guidelines so to speak however, a person can easily form their own by speaking to the real Yahweh like any practitioner does with their UPG with a Deity or so.


So Yaweh(not from the bible) is the Christian God? Does it also mean to be a Christian you’ve to be under him?

Can you highlight just a few?

Yahweh is the God of the Israelites, in my opinion, from the Old Testament, but in my opinion, not the god of the New Testament

Yahweh is father of the Archangels

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Some Christians reject a region-specific or tribal god (especially from a region with such a colourful history of genocides, warfare, persecution and ethnic hatreds, such as the remit for the Jews to genocide other tribes, found in Numbers 22 - 24) and consider Source or The All to be their God.


Christianity has rules, it is an organized faith.

Christianity can however fall unto the RHP magick category in its esoteric aspect, in which case, there are still rules to follow I believe, but one must follow willingly

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The bible wants you to pray directly to God for help, so it’s like God does the magic. But you can also say I heal you in the name of Jesus. The bible doesn’t want people to do things like directing or manipulating energy or pretty much any spiritual thing like that.

Pretty bold, claiming to know what the bible wants.
I say the bible doesn’t want you to cut your beard, have children, heck the bible doesn’t even want you to find a wife or husband. Oh, and better don’t make any selfies.

With every generation the bible’s will magickally changes, I find that fascinating. :sparkles: