Is breaking a mirror by accident truly 7 years bad luck?

I honestly don’t know anything about that old wives tale or if it even is one. If anyone knows more about it, do tell, I’m an empty book on this.

It’s simply a superstitious belief. Whether or not it is true is based on what you believe.

Sweet, so my mom just didn’t want me to break her pretty things. Thank you


that believe was spunn out of value of the ingredients for mirror making, thus, being an extremely expensive object and making you hated for destroying one.
That being said, mirrors are extremely easy to make today.
The colors are cheap for it aswell.
at least compared to back when only wealthy people had those.

So, no the luck - missfortune issue isn’t very likely the case anymore. :wink:

Except if you want to bind yourself to limitation by that belief. xD
As it’s still useful in sorcery, for curses and disspelling. xD



LOL no, she sure didn’t!
I mean my roommate destroyed his mirror out of rage a few months ago and he hasn’t suffered for it. Just had to replace it was all.

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The whole idea behind this is that mirrors are portals and upon breaking they release negative spirits. It’s a myth.

They can be portals sure, but breaking one doesn’t necessarily equate to bad luck


The “mirrors as portals” thing did come to mind but I wasn’t sure it was entirely relevant. Thank you!


That makes sense now! I’ve always wondered where it came from, thank you :slight_smile:

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No problem!

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