Is break good?

Anyone ever feel like taking a break once in a while from all this magic and meditations? and live a normal life for 2 or 3 days or even a week? Do you ever feel worn out from all this?
Then you come back and you’re way more hungry and you put more energy in what your doing.


Sometimes yes, it’s necessary. I like to relate it to working out, don’t overwork yourself.


I’m new to this forum and my intro I did today. I’ve only been awake for 4 months. I can tell you soooo much has happened to me and sooo much knowledge has been given to me. It is exhausting but I can’t stop thinking and learning. I want to at times. I have always had abilities but never did anything with it. I’m learning to meditate. My brain is in overdrive and I go to work and school. The only break I get is from the Ouija board. I only play at work. I work graveyard so easy to do. Sometimes I get a 6-day break from that but really miss it. I only talk mostly talk to Geotic family (Daemons). Once the flame has been lite, It’s hard not to do something even if its just meditation every day.


I’ve taken breaks, both from here and magick, ranging from 3 days to 3 months. Its whatever you need in that moment


Yes and no. Even if I do nothing, the passion I once had for magic has not been anywhere near that now. Five years of shittiness can drain out passion.


I’m actually currently on break. No evocations, nothing, just doing me.

Once in a while the Chief, or Belial chime in, RARELY Sepheranz, but I’m not doing any major work. (mystically speaking).


Yeah, I may occasionally have a lull in my practice, but even when I’m not actively doing anything, I’m still theorizing/planning and meditating. If I wasn’t doing anything, I’d probably go mad…er.


Just a few days ago, Azazel made me take kinda like a half break. (He kinda influenced some workers to accidentally cut our cable. No internet for a couple days.)

Anyway, I still did some invoking, but it was a basic break. When the internet came back up, that’s the sign to get back into it. I felt pretty great, even if it was a couple days. I guess sometimes you truly need a break, no matter how short.

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