Is BOA really changed something for you?


If you found value in the BOA then you most likely are going to end up as a part of this movement and will therefore be adding to the power of both EA and Azazel, how ever that doesn’t mean things are a one way street. If you can honestly tell me that through working the techniques being taught be EA isn’t improving your life then I’d be very curious. So yes I can understand where you are coming from.

How ever, what the BOA is REALLY about (in my opinion) is that you. are. it.
If you recognise that you are the absolute embodied in this flesh and the world around you is just an expression of your infinite self then you realise that EA publishing the BOA is just a mode of action for that infinite self to put your incarnate self in touch with these teachings. Therefore whether the book is building EA’s legions or Azazels legions, at the end of the day they are still MY legions.

Ive had enough experiences in the past with my intuition to trust it at all times now, and not once in my work with Azazel or any of EA’s works in general have I had the warning sirens go off in my head.

Looking back at my path and search for knowledge, it was almost inevitable that I ended up here. If youre serious about ascent and bettering yourself, you will find yourself drawn to learn these techniques, whether they come from EA or a multitude of other places.

The great thing is that EA has done most of the work of searching for knowledge and filtering out bullshit for you, and then putting it all in one source, so you spend less time second guessing what you read, and more time doing actual work. All of EA’s knowledge can be cross-referenced if you choose to do so, and if you do it enough, youll find that he is definitely legit.

In working with Azazel, and other various spirits, I have been intimidated, terrified and humbled, but I have also started to conquer depression, apathy, sickness and anxiety. I have become my own most trusted friend, and my power grows exponentially by the day. I absorb knowledge like a sponge and am having trouble finding any task that is not within my ability. Compared to me 3 months ago, and it seems like Im making impossibly fast progress. Compared to me a year ago, it seems like Im not even the same person any more.

These are not the results of a movement with nefarious purposes. If I had to make a judgement by the results, I would say that the people and entities involved with this care deeply about the ascent and well-being of humanity. They want to see us succeed and make the most of our potential, and if you show yourself to have matching desires, they are more than willing to help you out and shed light on your path.

When I first started reading BOA I had moments where I would ask myself things:

Who is to say that what Azazel wants from us is the same thing he wanted for E.A.?

What is Azazel’s hidden agenda and what is E.A. getting out of it?

Since having read the book and given much thought to godhood, power, and damnation I’ve come to the conclusion that those questions were based on fear and uncertainty. I believe that Azazel doesn’t care about the individual but in the species as a whole moving away from unity with god/source/whatever and reaching godhood through damnation. The farther we move away the more we realize our own distinct sense of power, the more we realize our own potential for godhood. I no longer think he has hidden or ulterior motives but that he’s performing the function that is his job in the larger scheme of things. To be a catalyst for separation, without separation we can not move to new ground, we can’t become something new without destroying the old. Azazel gets to exert his power by being this catalyst and E.A. gets the benefits by being the vehicle by which this can happen.

When I started really working with the concepts inside BOA and working through E.A.'s material doors began opening and I see more and more coincidence in my life that allow things to work in my favor. The few spirits I’ve works with are indeed powerful and push you in a direction that often leaves me wondering just how much of this world is really waiting for me to seize control and can it really be this easy?

That’s my take on it anyways, if E.A. would like to chime in and tell me how full of shit I am that’s fine too.


[quote=“Vlad, post:5, topic:1374”]Thanks for your answers !

Fear and uncertainty in this case arise more about the hidden goal as i explained rather about Azazel and co. I worked sequentially through WoD, Baneful Magick and Evoking Eternity and succeed in every thing undertaken, the problem is not here…

Anyway the way people react to any criticism EA may receive on this forum (good or not) shows well what I said above ; )[/quote]

Ok, I think I get what your asking now.

First I’ll say I’m far from a Koetting fanboy, I appreciate his works, his exercises and his insights and his decision to break down the occult in a simple to understand method. I don’t cling to his every word and there are some things we don’t see eye to eye on. I enjoy reading criticisms of any author as long as they are based on fact and have supporting evidence to their claims. This to me is far more valuable than praises of ones work as it gives different views for one to base their own opinion of the value of ones work.

As far as Koetting having a hidden agenda? If he does I haven’t come across it. He is after all a black magician and his primary goal is to attain power. He MAY receive power through Azazel in return for making others aware of Azazel and his legions, Azazel MAY be propelling the BALG movement to advance his own goals and E.A. is riding the whirlwind and reaping the benefits, E.A. MAY be gaining something from teaching others to pact themselves and experience possession through the evocation course thereby increasing the influence of the spirits on the physical plane.

Now with all that I mentioned above, the biggest factor to all of this is the individual still has a personal choice in how deep they go and how close they work with any entity. I’ve never heard E.A. claim to be a guru or mentor or ask others to treat him as such. If they choose to treat him as such that is their own choice to make. He hasn’t asked others to follow in his footsteps he gives one enough rope to either climb to godhood or hang themselves. Personal responsibility is paramount. We have to decide for ourselves what we do with the tools given to us and he power we unlock with those tools.

I’m to the point now where I could honestly care less about the views or agendas of those write occult works (or any other work for that matter). All I want are the tools to unlock the doorways so that I may find out for myself what’s out there and gain my own gnosis on the subject. I think E.A. provides that tool set better than most out there right now. What you build or destroy with those tools is entirely up to the individual.


I understand where your coming from but I do want to make it clear that I said those things may be going on as well they may not be, but its pointless to speculate. I’m not trying to insinuate E.A.'s motives or intentions.

The truth of the matter is we are all used in one sense or another in just about every day to day activity be it to fulfill someone else’s needs or as you put it sub-contracts.

The important thing is be sure of what you want and go for it. We can “what if” ourselves out of ever getting anywhere by worrying what others have to gain from our decisions. Make informed decisions and then act on them with confidence and conviction.


[quote=“Vlad, post:9, topic:1374”]The question remains: What has changed in your life ?

None really stated the changes made form their work with BOA…
(social progress; new powers like those taught by some Nethers; jobs; relationships; etc…)[/quote]
Having Azazel virtually erase a self-defeating attitude practically overnight may not seem like a huge change to you, but to someone who’s dealt with it their whole life, Its like night and day. I dont need an external force finding me a job or new relationship because I now have the confidence and willpower to do these things on my own.

Granted, I have had a new band, a studio contract, money, various social skills and engagements, and new psychic techniques fall in my lap through working with BOA, but none of those would mean shit if I didnt have the confidence and sense of self worth to follow through with them in a professional manner.

Everyone’s different and has different needs. For me, the most important changes to be made were internal. To allow success and abundance to flow into my life, I had to get myself out my own way first.

I agree with LotusEater, the things I’ve experienced as of late are really blowing my mind in that even when things seem to be working against me coincidences arise that allow my will to manifest itself regardless. I see things I want materializing in my life with little to no rituals involved usually convienient coincidences see that what I desire is somehow brought to fruition. Granted I’m not trying to materialize a million bucks or something else that would be far fetched given my current circumstances, but my life has been improving steadily even when I hit what I perceive as a bump in the road it usually puts me on a better course.

Working with the BOA and this forum has allowed me to cut down on the number of hours I spend working a job so I can pursue my art, has put me in touch with one of the world few great (and genuine) taiji masters and within 12 months should see me actualising goals I had originally thought would take me over 10 years to achieve. Not to mention the significant depth of understanding I have gained about the nature of reality. I had written of enlightenment as something I would achieve as an old man and yet I have been able to raise m kundalini twice in the last 12 months

I’ve been thinking about pathworking through TBOA and I was wondering, do you need a pact with Azazel before working through the grimoire? I got the feeling that you don’t but that help from the Nethers will be limited until you finally make the pact, is this true or false?

I haven’t made a pact yet but I do intend to. I want to make sure I am performing evocation flawlessly first though, I still have some elements of spirit communication to sort out