Is Belial looking for me?

Bonjour !
Ok first I apologize for my language, I do not write often in English. But i’ll do my best !

So i’ve been a “witch” for 2 years now , i’ve already met Bad/Good spirits, interact with deity etc… But before being a “witch” and all i always been fascinated by demons (since i’m a kid) and one of them in particular, the king Belial ! Since i’m a “witch” and work with deity i see his name everywhere, saw his sigil and weird stuff in my dreams and i always have this video in suggestion on YouTube “Belial Enn Chanting”.
I was planning to start working with goetic demon so i do some tarot spread to know wich demon i’ll choose for starting … And it was Belial again , cards were meaning that he wanted the best for me, to make me strong and regain my self confidence that I lost… Ok it’s sound pretty positive but in the other hand my friends are always telling me to don’t trust him, to not do anything with him… And i’m pretty lost, i often do tarot reading for Belial since 4 month he always give me good advice idk he’s like the dad i never had (that’s pretty strange no ?). Last night i did an other tarot reading for him and he told me to go meditate (i thought it was because i wasn’t feeling pretty good last day) and something come in my mind “hey why u don’t write Belial’s sigil on your hand before meditate ?” So i did it. I like to listen to calm music during my meditation and i saw the video of the Enn so … I listen to it and something strange happen, suddenly I felt a tension in the air , it was like someone was looking at me, my eyes were closed but it was like there was someone in front of me. I was sooo scared , i stop the video (my eyes were always close i didn’t want to open them) and stay like this for 20 minutes. All of those things disapear suddenly and i open my eyes.

So, i don’t really know what to do with him , with this experience and my friends always telling me “that’s stupide you can’t trust a demon he’s just a manipulator” but also tell me to try an evocation with him … I don’t know if i’m ready to do an evocation, it scare me a lot but at the same time i feel like i’m missing something…

What’s your opinion and advice ? Hope my message was clear ! Have a nice day ~


Hmm advice.

Dont let people manipulate your reality by all that Talking Talking Talking. Seeing is believing if you want to experience life then go do it. Ignore them.


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If they’re constantly changing their opinions like this, I’d just ignore them. (Or maybe Belial changed their minds, ha ha!)

Any spirit can manipulate people. But somehow, I don’t think Belial is. I think he just wants to talk. Reach out to him and see what he wants.


Thank you so much guys ! Do any of you had an experience with him ?

(I’ll post update about my experience later on this post or an other one)

Can’t recommend him enough. Dad, flirt, business man, teacher, the list goes on. You don’t get to hide your issues with him. If you need to be pushed he WILL push you, or bait you, or antagonize you until you can’t ignore it. It’s up to you from there whether or not you want to change it or not. He’s also remarkably comfortable to be around and knows exactly what to do to bring a smile to your face or fill you with hope and purpose.


That’s so strange, here people have good experiences with him, he seems to be … a good guy ? Really different from what i read in the Books ! (Nice suprise)
I love this forum omg i discovered soooo many good things !

One last question , what kind of offering does he like ? I’ve got some white wine , i saw on Tumblr (not a reliable source) he likes Rose Quartz ?

Thank y’all for the help !

Wow your description match with my tarot readings , good new !

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Can’t go wrong with red wine, chocolate, bacon, more than anything he enjoys sacrifice. The best thing you can give him is the willingness to forfeit your comfort zone and start to step into your potential. He likes when you grow…but let’s be honest, the tantrums people throw when spiritual growth is required are often damn funny. He also enjoys that, or at least he does with me. Not too proud to admit some of the emotional breakdowns I’ve gone through over the past year must have been very entertaining.


Ok no more joked guys it happened !
I did the summon on Tuesday , everything was ok i didn’t see anything just feel his presence we talk a little bit with pendulum and tarot. At the end he ask me to meditate a little , i did it and saw his Green aura right in front of me ! Also told me to call him back on friday (25). Last night (wednesday 23) we talk a little bit with tarot cards, he was telling me “you have to write a contract” I have to put my constraints and promises for him and he gave me his (with the cards again). After that i had a weird dream ; i was reading a page in Hebrews but i saw only one letter “Shin” , when i open my eyes to wake up i was still seeing Shin. I went to see the meaning of Shin (symbolic) and it fits a lot with what I asked him during the invocation.

[ Sorry i do my search in french but here is the link for Shin ]