Is being Hopeful the same as Lusting for Results?

Okay…im still working on my path. Still trying to take my target out for the foul shit he did to me.
I need to understand this: after completing a spell and I don’t get the results I desire…I get frustrated and want to walk away from magick. But then I find myself having hope to keep going…hoping that something will change…just for me to complete the cycle.
I’m finding that I am being hopeful in alot of things in my personal life…just to be disappointed.
How do I remove hope and is it the same as lusting for results?

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No, is not. Also, don’t remove hope! I don’t know how to do it, but if I knew, I wouldn’t do it.

Keep on it. It took me many months before I got any sort of results. Persevere. You’re going to make it :slight_smile:


Being hopeful in of itself is NOT the same as lusting for results. You can be hopeful, and still distance yourself enough (after ritual) to not lust for results. However as with anything, you can also be hopeful AND be lusting for results.

Having hope is like having confidence that said ritual/magick will work. You can do that and not lust

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You are so lucky…
It’s been over a year and nothing. I want to stop…probaly stopped more than I want to admit…lol
But if you say keep going and keep hope…I will.

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No, it is not the same thing as lusting for results. Lusting for results tends to come from a place of fear and desperation.

I think the word “hope” gets a bad rap in LHP circles, because it’s often used as an excuse not to take action and drive forward, so instead, try to think of it more as the expectation of good things.


Keep on it.

There is this friend of mine who took way longer than me to get their first results. Years. Perseverance pays off, trust me.

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I understand.
The problem that I’m facing is I have the confidence that it will work, try my absolute hardest to forget, but when I find out that it didn’t work, I get frustrated and want to quit. But then I get on this forum and type in some key words and I see other people being successful and then the hope comes back.

What kinda of rituais have you been doing? Have you been working with some entity?

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Hope that keeps you coming back to magick is good, i.e. faith, perseverance, persistence.

Hoping that a specific ritual will work, imho, is the same as lusting for results. It can take trial and error, and experience, to train your mind with a different attitude. “Hoping” something will work is the same as doubting, which can hinder your work. This is why a lot of occult authors will urge you to try and forget that you have performed any ritual at all, so you don’t allow your mind to dwell on “what ifs”.

When you go to a restaurant and order from the menu, you don’t “hope” that your meal will be delivered to your table. You put your order in and you know it’s on its way to you in a matter of time. That’s the same kind of attitude we should strive to achieve with magic workings. “That which I have done, I have done”, “it is done”, “so mote it be”. It is done. If you find yourself hoping or doubting a ritual you’ve performed, try and stop that thought in its tracks and take a moment to feel how you would feel if you had already received your result. If you already had your result, you wouldn’t hope it was coming to you or doubt it was coming to you or even feel a burning sense of desire for it. You’d just feel satisfied that you have it. That’s the mental perspective we wanna cultivate :slight_smile:


Gotta see it as cosmic Amazon prime , order and leave it


Hope is one of the christian sicknesses. Best would be to forget that hope ever existed. Try to center on the end of all hope and call all of the demonic legions and unleash all hell and the abyss and state: “as I have said it so it is done!!!”

Cheers :clinking_glasses:

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I will PM you…if that is okay

I understand.
It is the doubts…I try to visualize it is already done, but then I get a confirmation that they are still manifesting and it sets me back.

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