Is Baphomet is a real deity who exists or just fiction?

From a Grandmaster of Fraternitas Saturni

The term “BAPHOMAE” was introduced by me (Walter Jantschick) and I understand it as
follows: the “True Self” of BAPHOMET.
It - BAPHOMAE - is the primordial cosmic substance, which has always existed and always will exist. It is the indefinable essence that continually creates new universes and etherealizes universes. It stands behind the AIN SOPH AUR of the kabbalistic tree of life.

To the initiate, BAPHOMAE is visible through the visible universe in ALL. Through the visible universe, BAPHOMAE is expressed in its lowest octave. The visible universe serves as a medium through which BAPHOMAE can be revealed to its devotees BAPHOMAE speaks through the physical matrix to its children and novices. But these visible sectors of the cosmos are only one tenth of the true nature of this incomprehensible being. In order to understand and grasp BAPHOMAE correctly, we must magically-gnosticly transcend visible matter to attain the first steps and initiation stations. BAPHOMAE embodies the female aspect and consequently the purely diabolic-gnostic path of Baphomet.

We devotees and worshippers of the BAPHOMET-PRINCIPLE describe BAPHOMAE as the COSMIC WOMB (UTERUS), which is the originator of BAPHOMAEIC SEXUALITY. For without sexuality there is no universe and no humankind. BAPHOMETIC SEXUALITY is an elemental force and archaic energy of terrific animalistic energetics and dynamics, which can be controlled and directed only by the higher adepts of the “INNER BAPHOM”.


That is true, they summon Baphomet


There’s deities as a race of gods and goddesses, there’s thoughtforms who people view as “false” gods meaning they’re not legitimately part of the race of gods and goddesses but a constructed thoughtform that is molded to fit their desire of a god, which is equivalent to a fiction god or goddess.

However thoughtforms who become godforms in my opinion aren’t real gods or even real entities but they still serve their purpose in some people’s systems.

I think of Baphomet as a psychogon or tulpa, rather than a diety. Over time, created ideations gain independence and a mind of their own, but to my way of thinking, Baphomet is created rather than primordial.

With that said, Baphomet is VERY real and powerful, too. Andrieh Vitimus has an altar dedicated to Baphomet and conjures it often. I was healed by Baphomet at one of his seances 10 years ago. The healing happened automatically, and i believe it happened because i was one of the first people in the room to welcome the spirit by name.


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I agree with this and that’s really interesting I never heard of Psychogon, thanks for the link


Its books of him. Etc templar knghts, wen i asked a 28 years wowen, born into a family of witches and train by a admired occultista, in uk. She say uts real as can be, and show me her altar, blond, blue eyes a model, u never tnk she can be tat her altar pictures gime fear, all kinds of spelks, and conjurations, and got results, and proof. I just post a thanks baphomet las week here, ti some is a tulpa, or a egrogore to some a god, or force, its hpw u deal whit it honestly

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Baphomet’s energy is VERY real (just like the Simon Necronomicon has very real energies), but the fact that nobody can definitively trace where Baphomet comes from or even what it stands for, combined with the longwinded explanations of what it ‘is’, is a dead giveaway that it’s a theoretical/created entity, rather than a naturally observed force.

I do have to point out though, that Baphomet is VERY powerful. I plan to work with it soon and i can’t wait to find out what comes of it. Been planning this for a while now


No one really understands the full extent evocation can actually go to. You can evoke money. But you can also evoke sex. E.A. has even done this. Baphomet isn’t just a concept but an energy like everything else. You can evoke both living and dead humans, gods, concepts and everything in between. Anything’s real.


I guess the question is what do you think? The archetypes of the mind cannot exist inside of the mind if they do not exist on the outside.

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Thoughtforms exist inside the mind, their existence outside the mind is their actions played upon the senses to make their existence seem tangible on the outside. Atleast that’s how I view it anyway. Like there’s always going to be a definite difference between a real entity/concept and a thoughtform concept, but they both can serve their purpose in the individual’s work.


NO and none!! Baphomet is a fabrication created to frame the Knights Templars by King Phillip of France and a misinterpretion of what the crusaders heard there muslim opponents yelling hundreds of years before which was Mohammed!!!

The bogus Baphomet never existed but is the supposed demonic entity allegedly worshipped by the Knights Templars who later became a symbol for Satanic worship.

During the Inquisition the Templars in the 14th century were falsely accused of worshipping Baphomet, a goat-headed idol. This icon quickly became a symbol of the occult, specifically as a representation of evil and the Devil and a false icon fabricated by Phillip to frame the Templars.

The earliest known reference to Baphomet can be traced back to a letter written by a French crusader in 1098. According to the crusader, the Muslims in the Holy Land called upon a certain ‘Baphometh’ prior to battle. It is commonly accepted today that this name is a corruption of Muhammad, the founder of Islam. European Christians at the time perceived Islam as the worship of Muhammad, which they considered idolatry.

The evolution of the bogus Baphomet continued in 1307, when the powerful Knights Templars were being suppressed in France. The King of France, Philip IV, was in heavy financial debt to the order, as a result of a war with England. He was hoping to have his debt erased, but at the same time feared the military might of the Templars.

Phillip decided to have the Templars arrested, and charged with heresy. Amongst other things, the Templars were accused of homosexuality, desecration of the cross, and the worship of the bogus Baphomet in reality meaning Mohammed and the worship of the Islamic faith. Many Templars made false confessions after being subjected to the gruesome tortures of the Inquisition.

All this is well known in myth and legends, check google and orher resources:


Aren’t you getting passionate lol.


How true! I have heard this myth so many times, although the figure and idol used was taken up by many occultists starting in the 19th century in reality the so-called baphomet was a mispronounced Mohamed, rewritten and miswritten countless times and eventually took on a life of its own.


Well, there’s this.


The list is endless Baphomet and the Templars, I could even mention Dan Brown’s the Da Vinci Code. Checked your thread, nice, Levi’s theories are interesting and the figure he employed a moose head for his symbol of the devil, satan himself.

Tattle tale, cool…

Lol, ya, so last night was interesting

I think i’ll be conjuring Baphomet sometime soon. This is going to be fun, lmmfao.

I mean, i was going to anyway, but now i’m really going to do it. I have a reason to.

Real, fiction, it is what it is to you. Everyone on here has their own opinion.

Your best bet is to conjure and experience the spirit for yourself.

Baphomet is the Bride of Satan.
I appreciate your O.N.A. citation.


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