Is Astral sex the same as Physical sex

You’re welcome. Enjoy your succubi. :wink:


Spirits will also hang around during a couple having sex and incarnate as the child at the moment of conception or some point in the early development. Because the energy is feminine and dealing with fertility and other aspects related to the moon they can be called moon children.

Rituals can be done to create a magical child but I prefer voluntary ones. Spirits have told me there are horrible ways including effecting the psyche of the mother and child.

I just wanted to let people know that you can meet a spirit and have them incarnate as your child if you wanted to. If you both consented.

I wish I had a better name for them than “earth angels” but if youve met those people if you scan them they appear to have wings and a sense of a specific purpose thats an example

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I literally almost went through every single comment on this thread wondering if this is something I should try, I’ve alrwady had my fair share of physical sex and I’m honestly bored of it. I cant even travel out of my body yet, but hopefully I will soon :grin:

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in a way its better than physical

How tf do you summon 3 demon kings. Plz tell meh

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hi rin can you tell me more about how to have Astral sex I might already be doing it does it have to be a sprit can u do it with just any one how does it work how do u do it thanks

Question, when you have astral sex and the guy cums in you, will you still get pregnant in real life

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I had this same thought many…
Many… many times especially when I lost full boxes of birth control pills in the house close to a new pack.

So would you get pregnant in real life?

I have no clue. Honestly. I’m on it for real life reasons. I had a very hard time with my son, and I just haven’t been ready for that again.

I belive only with the extreme powerful beings.

Which ones would those be?

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Hmm am not sure, I am sure you will find the answer to your question in the future

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if you mean immaculate conception then no. Astral cannot affect the physical

Did he stop?

To be honest he probably isn’t really aware of what he’s doing. He looked asleep half the time. Or out of it like he was unaware of even what he was doing. But he definitely can have astral sex that is for sure. Most of us can.

Personally it doesn’t feel that much to me. Yet. I am conscious physically as well in the astral, so that might be why, but for the most part it’s just a “pleasant” feeling at best, and it is, at worst, completely numb.

Well, whatever. I get the energy either way :stuck_out_tongue:

Teach me please