Is anything exempt for magick?

Can anything be completely immune to magick. Technology can be influence technically, by fortune spells, magicians even with the strongest shields on earth will still be affected in some way. Either their legions fend off the spell or something else etc. Is there anything that does not interact and cannot be interacted with magick whatsoever?


@John_Doe Personally, I doubt it. Magick is such a fundamental part of the world. The only way to be immune to magick I think would be to be so powerful that you could simply block anything, and that itself would be interacting with magick.


Nothing. But I wonder why you separate magick from technology? The greatest inventions began with an act of imagination and then willpower to bring them into fruition, isn’t that magick?


@latakiahaze Not magick of the same scale. Comared to being able to cause someone to die from a broken soul, or rip open physical sinkholes (if anyone has figured out which of EA’s videos I am referring to congratulations).

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