Is anyone working through the Qliphoth?

Is there anyone here actively working through the shells of the Qliphoth, a la something like Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic or similar? I’d be curious to compare notes and experiences, regarding experiences in the tunnels, the spheres themselves, etc.

I am currently working with the Tree of Death, bases not only in Karlsson’s book, but also with more traditional sources and what has developed as my own system of magic.

qlippoth is fucking scary

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The educated man pours a few drops of bleach into a gallon of water, purifying it and preventing disease as he drinks it safely. The fool observes this and concludes bleach is safe to drink, and ends up killing himself.

Is bleach “fucking scary?”


Everyone can see you at normal height, my friend, no need for the soapbox.

I don’t think anyone who practices magick at all, least of all those who practice any dark traditions, would define magick as “safe and secure.” In fact, that’s kind of the point. The Qliphoth isn’t for people who want to follow the well trodden, winding road up the mountain, with waypoints, guard rails with flashers, and a sherpa holding your hand.

The Qliphoth is for people who aren’t afraid of walking through thorny bushes by day, and fending off the wolves by night, as long as it means no patronizing hand holding and condescending tour guides. And if a thorn cut your face, perhaps you should stick to the well trodden path up the mountain, instead of standing at the bottom yelling at people for using bleach analogies.



Wow. You exploded that, didn’t you? I’ll respond later when I have time.

I deleted it because I decided its a waste of time. Big waste. I don’t understand why ask for help or opinions when you already seem to have all the answers. Your not going to figure it out and you seem to think I don’t know what I’m talking about so thats fine. I also forget who else reads stuff on here, lol.

Beginner question echoing yours, but a bit more technical.
How would one work through the tunnels or the spheres, or the paths, of Qabbalah or the Qlippoth?
I know incense is a key, and you can find abundant resources and information on that fairly easy; but getting into guided meditation vs theta-gamma sync (never had success with that so far - flashing sigils or whatnot yes, theta-gamma no.) or how else do you do any pathworking if it is not a guided meditation?

Thanks and no condescending flames please,


Just buy “Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic” by Thomas Karlsson, the sigils are all in there. Then just stare at the sigil until it’s imprinted on your mind and then meditate in the normal fashion. No incense required.


[quote=“DouglasJamesCameronFuego, post:8, topic:4514”]Thanks and no condescending flames please,


…Had to giggle… :slight_smile:

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If you want to understand the Tunnels of Set read Nightside of Eden. Karlsson’s sigils are good but they are ones him and his group made up.

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Karlsson’s book is overated, as most books are. Besides that though, the sigils from any book are just made up.


I wouldn’t recommend just jumping I to the “adverse” side of the Tree. Mainly because it isn’t adverse. It’s a deeper level of the Sephiroth. The Sephiroth shows you the rabbit hole, the Qlippoth shoves you down inside. A poss poor analogy, but it does fit. The two aren’t opposed to each other is what I’m getting at. Call the Sephiroth the outside and the Qlippoth the core. That’s the best way I can put it. If you are just starting out, work with the Sephiroth, then the “dark side” after. You need a ground to start from, and if you jump into the Qlippoth without any backing you are truly going to just flail around in the abyss. You need experience and a backing to fully understand the lessons the Qlippoth has to teach. It’s only dangerous if you are unprepared. You aren’t going to go hunt a lion if you’ve never hunted for deer type of thing. With experience, it’s use is very valuable.


I’m not quite sure why everyone on this thread thinks I’m asking rookie questions about this shit. I know what the fuck I’m doing and was hoping to bullshit about the subject with some intelligence, not get half baked questions, condescending nonsense that gets deleted by the same person who posts it, and advice meant for someone who just finished working out of a Silver Ravenwolf book.


I wasn’t trying to make a big assuming so. I was only saying that both sides are connected, not opposed. Work through both, they compliment each other. But one shod be worked through first due to the nature of both. It’s just the face of what it is. If you jump I to the Qlippoth without working through the standard Tree, you will miss most of what is offered. They both have their purpose, and one should be worked through to understand the other. That is all I was saying. The Qlippoth is a deeper version of the Tree of Life. You need to learn the steps before you can dance type of thing. One should be gone through before the other. I’ve gone through both and this is my opinion, take it as you will.

@creed: I gave an honest answer to your question based on experience. Work through one before the other, not based on danger, but based on how the two interconnect and relate. PM me if you want to, anytime brother!

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My bad bro, I’m just irritated with the responses I’ve gotten here. I’ll PM you when I have the time to properly devote to it.


I am not sure what you are looking for, the tree is a lifetime process with many possibilities, it will “speak” to you what you have to learn every time.

My main tool on exploring it is my deck.

If you want we can continue this discussion in a more specific way!

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It can easily become a life long exploration. The the main lessons can be learned in a relatively short time. I followed a similar method as Rufus Opus in his initiation with the planetary spheres, combined with the works of Mark Alan Smith. A month or two per sphere, and the earlier ones even less, ask for initiation and give into letting it change you, let the energy of each sphere infect you. Explore it and each ruling demon, but also keep moving forward. Don’t get hung up on one thing. This is where people can get caught up in a lifetime of redundancy. Forward progress is the key to the Qlippoth. Each sphere can easily lead to obsession, you have to keep going in order to not let that happen. Especially when you work via possession with the demonic rulers.


It’s not the dark nature of the spirits you have to fear, it’s what they show you about yourself that is the scary part, but you can’t evolve without seeing this part of your own being. This is the main benefit of the Qlippoth. Evolution of the self. But the evolution gained from these spheres is not the end, it’s just a start, there is a lot more to be learned after and beyond.


In my opinion it can’t “become” it “is” a life long process, it’s not a static structure but a dynamic, it evolves as an organism.

The typical ascension through the spheres can become a life long process as you mentioned cause of inner imbalance!

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