Is anyone willing to get cursed?

I was talking about this on another thread, but I thought it would be good to make it into it’s own topic. I want to practice my ability to curse, but I need a partner who is reasonably sure they can defend themselves and report back what they experienced.

If anyone’s interested just a few things to keep in mind:
-Are you sure you can defend yourself? I would hate to see anyone get hurt.
-Please DON’T curse me back.
-If anyone volunteers it would be helpful if you could make a detailed report of your experience with my curse afterwards (what did it feel like?, how strong was it?, how hard was it to defend against? etc.)

Hope I can find at least one volunteer.


Uh, what?

This seems like it would be an extension of the Sparring Partner thread…

(This post is ABSOLUTELY NOT a statement of volunteering or consent to the terms listed)


Also, i just have to say, the stipulation of not cursing you back feels like you shouldn’t be throwing curses in the first place if you can’t deal with them yourself. I tried not to let that statement get to me, but it got to me, so now I’m the mean mom telling you not to dish what you can’t take :confused:


An intriguing subject to bring about. Not that I’m going to participate in it. But I do wish you luck in finding someone who is WILLING to participate in this experiment with you.

I know for a fact that the federal parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia and the British royal family (all of them) want, indeed need to be cursed. So join me! And if you think for one moment that the British royals can’t look after themselves Magickally, then think again.



Ummm. No. Lol!

This sounds like a jackass stunt where they shoot each other with bean bag rounds from a shotgun.

I would just curse somebody that you can observe (that you don’t like, of course). And you should probably be reasonably certain that they are not a magician themselves.