Is Anyone Here a Member of Dragon Rouge In Sweden?

I am going to join Dragon Rouge and attend their meetings in Stockholm and I am curios to see if anyone on this forum lives in sweden and is already a part of this order?


I live in Sweden, but I’m not a part of that.

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I also live in Sweden and I’m not a part of it. never heard of it actually

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Personally I’m not a member (I do prefer the path of the solitaire), thought I do reside in Stockholm :v:

Speaking of DR… wasn’t Asenath part of Dragon Rouge back in the day, before she staked out her own path?


My 1st topic was about that. I’m still curious what spiritual content is available on their forums. I am strangley sentimental towards this order. Because I’ve listened to Therion so much in youth.

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Ya i use to get altar supplies in their store they had in Stockholm oh so many years ago ! Let me know if any one of you guys decide to join them. Oh you people who reside in Stockholm do craft people still meet in old town. Back in the days we use to meet at tre backar. I was just wondering if that stills goes on.

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Rather avoid it, there is not much spiritual value to the order anymore to be honest.
Its not what it used to be.

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I’m not even sure the order still exists.
A year ago (or two) they went AWOL, the website and forum stopped working for a while and now there’s a strange website that doesn’t really give a lot of info and looks still in development.
There’s a page about a “diploma” that costs more than 1000€, looks like some kind of weird counselling in-between magic and self-development.

I think the order as it was ceased to exist 1-2 years ago.
If I were you, I would look somewhere else if you want to be part of an order. But if you are in Stockholm or Sweden, who knows maybe it’s still worth to get in touch with them and see if they are still operating as an order.

They do exist and they still have the traditional courses (altrough they where atleast a year ago talking about a new set of rituals with a bigger inspiration from Bureus)

But yes there is a lot of strange things going on inside the order and its not the same. Its a lot more focus on courses and things that costs money and he complains a bit about how the order has a lot of debts etc.

I would not recomend any swede to contact them.

That’s a shame, it was a good order and I’m sorry to see how it ended up.

It is interesting the fact of having more rituals based on Bureus’ teachings, I’ve always liked the Adulruna system, and it’s nice they are updating their courses to integrate more of it.

The funny part is that they argue that they are more satanic then people who have left the order wich is just wierd when you involve Bureus.

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