Is anyone familiar with this odd feeling?

I have been looking on the internet for some accounts of this for a long time but without success. I found many stories on falling sensations, rushing feelings, vibrations, electric shocks, sleep paralysis and many more, but nothing like what I used to get.

There was this period when I was a child, maybe 5 or 6 y.o. when every time I would go to sleep I would experience the following 2 things together:

a) I used to hear many voices whispering all together. I couldn’t understand anything of what they were saying (this is not that strange)

b) this is the strange part: I used to get this very odd feeling that I have never been able to describe well in words. It was both a mental and physical sensation that was always accompanied by the mental image of a huge shape, grey or brown in color, of which I couldn’t see the edges. This thing was moving, usually it was as if it were moving toward me, in a rolling motion, but it was hard to tell because that thing would occupy the whole image, so I didn’t have any point of reference to understand the direction of its movement in relation to the environment or myself, also because that thing was not really there. The physical sensation I can’ t describe in any way, I can only say that I found it very uncomfortable and I was always trying to get rid of it.

I remember that I talked to my mother about it and she, as a left brained philosophy graduate, looked at me as if I were crazy. In the end, every time I got it, I did everything I could to shut it off, moving a lot in my bed or tensing my luscles until it went away. Eventually, it completely disappeared.

Now, I can’t help but wondering if, by shutting that off, I created a mental/ energy barrier that is making my progress in magic and astral projection painstakingly slow.

Has anyone had any experience that could be related to this one? or any idea as to what it could have been? Or suggestions on how to undo the damage (if there was any)?

Any input is greatly appreciated

I completely relate Noemi

about the same age you are describing I too experienced many strange phenomena. My mother told me once that when I was seven years old I slept walked and spoke in a language that she never heard of.

Later on and into the present I often times hear whispers from a group of people in the living room. Its faint but you hear it. Its not a mental disorder nor is my wild mind in over-drive. Its real.

My favorite is when i go to sleep on one side and immediately hear two hands clap hard against my ear. Its bothersome at times but Ive grown use to these “muertos” lingering around. I believe its dead souls (for me at least) watching me and perhaps trying to communicate.

My favorite experience was back a few years ago when I arrived home and the stench of pure hardcore cigar smoke lingered in the air. In Santeria this is a common occurrence so I immediately bought a bigger cigar and puffed away. It emanated from my walk-in closet.

If you feel uncomfortable then your intuition is most likely correct.

I would perform the LBRP (lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram) for at least one week. This will completely remove whatever is surrounding you. Keep in mind that its not a permanent fix. You would need to go deeper and find out what “it” is and deal with it directly. Also, performing the MPR(middle pillar ritual) would help your body tremendously.

Look up Astral Projection and the Dweller on the threshold.

Oh yes, You just described what I saw a blurry figure opening my door while I was sleep, quite animal and giving bad feelings, he got me tremendly nervous.

As far as I know meditation daily and banishments pushes him out, yet we gotta fix it internally.

I dont know why I got the firm believe the heart chakra energy would fix this, butaI have. I guess its due I feel its disolved already a part of it, but very lightly, as the experience was a quick one

I relate to what you describe Noemi, espec pt B,
which I interp as almost like seeing a “wall” but unclear how near or far (as no edges, and no sense of separation, perhaps even it slipping near far and back near- most of all not able to sense distance; so both a sense of DisConnection and Looming/tooclose feeling)
anyway- that from your descrip above, as well as relates in some way to memories… so if that relates it seems a bit different from what the above commenters are referring to.

I had the sense of seeing “objects” (in the sense they were an Item of perception- ie something to notice vs to notice something different- not necessarily meaning Object as Thing vs a Living Being)- that seemed to ripple, almost like silk hanging with air blowing behind it, soft ripples, and yet at the same time “boiling pudding” … and yet without being able to see-specific movement, just a sense that movement is occuring…

and that was tied in with what I think (lookingback on) a sense of Attn looking in a certain Vector (ie line of sight- but mentally) such that sleeping or mind drift and I would look in that certain way and see-catch its eye, and I’d freeze and couldn’t look a way (but a sense, that shifting focus in anyway and it would be “gone” …
and that is how it appeared in my exper… nothing and then contact and woom- it appears and thus fills mind space, I think that relates to the sense of looming-fear as it so sudden approaches (vs the usual sense of noticing something coming, and thus the physical tension, espec solar-plex almost as if falling/prep-flinch for impact)
gee quick comment turned- seemed this clicks on something (and recalling on what I just wrote in the above, I feel the description I gave is missing it- not quite right, not not sure how to correct it, but a feel that one reading it would get the wrong idea).

later this shifted and differently I started to see these beings that were small almost frog-toad like but reptile/insect features, and I’d feel them watching (very intense “vision” in the sense that more than Feel Their Eyes it was like a phy-push sensing that Attn… and the feeling of their Nearness)

  • a part I find interesting was it was like seeing them in a dry-aquarium type tank, or just in a cave like pocket- but in the wall where there was no opening. So struggling awake- I’d sense their presense fade, and as they did the “Place” they were is actually in solid wall.

                 [and context above both those were connected with the "wakeup" sleepparalysis kind of Fear-thing.. the 2nd much more so.. the first was just "alien-does not compute"   

<<in My Exper, neither being Dweller stuff, as exper Threshold was quite different to me, although many writers-subcultures reference Don T as a catch-all-phrase referring to many such- so in that case…>

anyway- I have the thought I wonder how this relates, or how it will be read-understood, but there it is