Is Alkalon from Kingdoms of flames good for helping me with spirit materialization?

I’m trying to get better at evocation and I’m still unable to evoke spirits to a tangible form. So I’m thinking about a spirit that is good for alchemy to help me with evocation.

Is Alkalon a good choice? Has anybody worked With him?


I’m not sure how a spirit of alchemy would be able to help to materialise a spirit. That’s not really under his purview.

It says he can teach “how to create matter from energy”, so I thought he might help…

I don’t think materialising a spirit is quite the same thing, but you can always call the spirit and ask him.

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Ok, bad idea then I guess. I’m trying to perfect my evocation, for that I trying to evoke as often as I can. And I can’t just simply evoke spirits for no reason I was trying to find one that I issue a task.

Who do you work with the most? Is there a trusted spirit that you regularly evoke?

How are your trance skills? Micah once asked Azazel what the key to magick was, and he responded with “Trancework,” for example.


there is one spirit called GOLOG in the book of Franz Bardon, the practice of magical evocation you may try him … but also read the book you may find other useful spirits


My trance skill is very bad dude. I can only summon the essence and maybe some flashes of the spirit that’s it.