Is a spirit trying to communicate with me?

Hello everyone!

So, straight to the point : is a spirit trying to reach me?
Since I’ve joined this community about a month or so ago, I’ve been trying to evoke some demons : Orias, Clauneck and Salas’ash since I have some money issues as well as Lucifer and King Paimon, I used their sigils and stated my request with respect.

After trying to reach Lucifer, I’ve noticed that for about two days or so, I became a lot more productive, for example, I was waking up two hours earlier and as soon as my alarm would go off and after those two days, I reversed to my old habits to wake up late (since it was still the holidays).

I’m telling you that because one of the things I asked Lucifer was to help me be more productive, motivated in general but also in university. And i felt like it was him telling me : ‘‘Look, this is what you life could look like with my help’’. Also, since uni started (this week), I have never been more productive! I mean, I already rewrote all my lessons properly with a color code, and some could argue that I did it because I love the classes, but to give a bit of background, I’m part of those kid who were always praised for their abilities and who had great marks without needing to study a lot but when they enter university (or high school in my case), it all comes crashing down because they never learned how to properly study.

So yeah, despite loving the classes, I never knew how to take notes, or study but since school started this year, boy! I’ve been doing research on the material the professors gave us, I’m already ahead in the essays given. And it was that I asked Lucifer to help me with, hell, just yesterday I’ve been working three hours in a row, it may not seem a lot but for me it is.

That was the first thing I noticed. Then some days later I tried to reach King Paimon to help me in manipulating someone. Nothing special happen during the evokation or after. If I remember correctly, I also evoked Clauneck some day later but I don’t remember exactly when.

Then again, a couple of days later, I’m trying to evoke Salas’ash, nothing happened during but it’s a couple of days after that some ‘‘weird’’ things starting to happen :
First, it’s was the light, like just a few hours ago, I left my bathroom and I know for sure I turned off the lights (I checked two or three times since it’s part of my OCD) and when I went back, it was turned on (my sister didn’t go after me), it happened before but I couldn’t be sure that it wasn’t us forgetting to turn the lights off.

Then, I started to hear my name, like someone whispering it, and everytime I asked my sister if she called me, she said no. Sometimes it happened in a room with people (at university for example) so maybe it was just people talking and I thought I heard my name, but I also heard it in the street when my sister was walking a few meters behind me and there wasn’t anyone else around or at least, too far away. And it happened to often to just be a coincidence IMO.
And once or twice, I heard whispers, like the whispers in horror movies if you will, like when the protagonist is haunted or whatever, except that I wasn’t really scared, mostly because I happened so fast, I’m not even sure it wasn’t just my imagination.

Do you think that the demons I tried to reach are trying to communicate with me, are trying to let me know they heard me and maybe want to help me?

I want to add that I was really respectful, I didn’t demand anything, just stated my request and about my request for help with money, I also detailed the way they could ‘‘provide’’ the money, but I explain why I was suggesting it and I also detailed exactly how I would use it and why I was asking the sum I was asking.

That’s it, thank you in advance for your help!

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From my point of view:
1- Most practitioners of demonic magic have a matron or pattern demon. Do you know yours?
2-When a spirit offers to play this role, make it official with a personally designed ritual. The presence of the deity will be a guarantee to the intrusion of deceptive spirits and will be a shelter in the astral! When we enter the astral there are thousands of spirits that will try to counterfeit or try to adhere their energy environment and this is delicate.
3-Ask the spirit what it is called. If necessary, ask them to explain the symbolism of that title, to prove their legitimacy, this does not offend them at all, while maintaining respect.
4.-Some spirits have their own distinctive ways of giving omens to the evocator, for example Shugara uses the rain, Marbas will feel a roar or loud noise in short … The omens often simply serve to let the evocator know that the spirit will interest or assure its presence.
5-All deities have their own character, preferences, values, etc. Know each of those details, as it will be an unequivocal signal that they really are what they claim to be.
6-The entities that have a spiritual nature similar to yours or that share the disposition of your personality will allow you to feel, see, hear, channel, evoke and invoke more easily. You should know his spiritual nature, I quote some details: the state of his alignment with the various planetary forces, his zodiac sign and his alchemical element, most of them converge on these topics with his followers.
7-If a particular spirit fills you with intrigue and / or emotion, it means they want to interact with you. It is a particular sign!
8.-Unless you specifically expect a deity to adhere to its registered appearance, it will often assume an unregistered appearance so far, even to the extent of changing genera. So work on your spiritual discernment and know that they follow patterns for their manifestation.
9.- Continue in that sober driving and focused on always showing respect to the superior authorities, they will never harm you, the rule is: If you do not respect enough deities, they could attack you even to the point of having a mortal intention. Even when that happens, it is possible that the deities will forgive you and continue moving forward.

A hug!:wink:


First of all, thank you for your reply!

Since I’m new, I don’t know my matron or patron demon. Each time I tried to reach a demon I made sure to use their sigils and their names to avoid imposters.

At the moment, I’m not feeling drawn or intrigue by a spirit or demon in particular, although, King Paimon is particularly interesting for me because for his links with arts.

Thank for your advices! I will continue researching entities and how to make sure they are who they are.

Good for that! but although it is legal and regulatory to use the signature or sigil to evoke or invoke that is part to avoid an intrusion, I have seen cases that using the signature and what is required in the evocation have tried to camouflage impostors, this is a great true.
On the other hand I wish you success and as part of the community you know that you have a great family in this house, for being all members of this same community, my affections!

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