Irritating love tarot question

Hellooo…just a quick question from my fellow tarot readers. I got the Two of Wands as a “how he feels about me” answer. This card in this position stumps me a bit. I usually see this as waiting for a message to be received card, a waiting on results. In terms of feelings it always confuses me. I know I can Google, and I have, but I’m interested in insight from my fellow forum members, too.


Instead of going off the position (if you mean upside down or right side up) go off the sensations you get from the card and it’s meanings to the question at hand. When it comes to love it means not wait around and make the first move, set things in motion.


So in terms of this card being how one person feels about another, would you see it as making or having made the first move? My sensation from this card, in this position for this question, is one of expectancy and maybe some confusion. I don’t use reversals, myself.

In terms of interest it usually means they’re interested or one of you is interested depending on the question of interest yes

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Okay, thank you for that.

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He could be still figuring it out too. But look at the card an see past it’s meaning. Look at the keywords for the deck. It could be laying there not in the meaning. Sometimes when I get a card that I am
Like wait what I go to The text book and look at the keywords. Using it then starts to become
Clear to me What the cards are trying to say.


It just occurred to me that maybe the meaning of this card is found in my reaction to it, like, what’s this supposed to mean?? What am I supposed to do with this?

For context, the surrounding cards are 10 of pentacles in the “how he views the relationship” position and 9 of cups in the “relationship potential” position. Those are pretty positive but kind of heavy. So now I read 2 of wands as being, " this could be good, but am I ready? What am I supposed to do here?"

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The title made me chuckle a bit. I thought, “Well, aren’t all LOVE questions are?” lol. Anyway.

I want to share my POV but I feel like it could go two diff ways. Therefore, a question: What kind of relationship is this? What is the status of your connection now? Because for starters, that 10 of Pents could go either way depending on the situation at hand.


Short answer: he feels like he can merge with you to form a deeper relationship and is currently in the planning phase. He likes you, but is not in love/deeply enamored yet.

Extra info:

Breaking down the symbolism, Twos in general are connected to II The High Priestess and duality in general. While the Aces are the initial expression of a suit, the Twos are a pause between choices or an attempt to merge such choices together. Like II The High Priestess, it is intuitive knowledge that leads such choices.

The Wands suit (at least in RWS systems) is color-coded red which represents fire, integration, the alchemical element mercury, energy, action, inspiration, as well as passion and creativity. Red is also the color of blood and as such alludes to instinctual knowledge and urges.

Your surrounding cards are good. 10 of Pentacles means he sees shared family values and a life of financial stability with you. 9 of Cups is the wish card of emotional fulfillment.


This is a great perspective, thank you!

I don’t want to get into the specifics of the relationship here, except to say that we’ve been close for years. And yes, the 10 of pents can go either way, especially when taken in context with the Two of Wands. I think he sees the relationship as having a bit to do with personal prosperity and family, either involving me or not, and 2 of Wands is that “wait a minute, now what?” kind of thing. And taken with what you’ve said and the commenter below, it has more meaning and makes more sense.