Iris messenger of the gods

Hello all, while meditating I seem to have heard two spirits (I’m assuming talking about me) having a conversation “Maybe we should send him to Iris”

As you can imagine I was confused about this until I started looking for information and found that she’s a Greek goddess of communication.

I don’t know why It was mentioned i should talk to her but if anyone has worked with her in the past i would appreciate it as there is not much here on the forum about her.


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She wasn’t serving nectar that’s totally a wrong translation. And there’s nowhere in Greek mythology that she’s twin sister of Arke. Arke is according to some, her mother.
Idk your background or what you might have done, but the most important role of Iris wasn’t as much to be a messenger between gods/humans, or to fulfil wishes, but that of Divine justice for the gods.
Every time there was an argument or fight between the gods or even if some God was lying, and Zeus didn’t knew who was right, Iris was bringing the “holy water” of Styx in a golden cup, where all gods were taking vows and whomever was lying was falling down unconscious, with no breath for a year, becoming mortal and after the year he was becoming an outcast for 9 years.