Invoking Water Elements

I’ve been having troubles opening sigils,so someone posted on one of my threads that invoking the element of water helps with this.What’s a good method for invoking water or any other element for that matter.

First of all love the user name

Immersing yourself with that element is the first prerequisite. Coming into contact with it physically for a week at the very least will help. Visits to ocean shores prior to dusk is great(for water elementals). Finding an oceanic object and drawing the sigil of a particular water element on the sand as the tides run up is wonderful.

Water is the substance of the Moon. The moon in turn is the magickal planet that leads to


The number eighteen and nine
an electrical conduit
reflection of all within/without
hebrew letter is Qoph(which means the back of the head - interesting since EA talks about activating the chakra behind your head

I could go add nauseum…

Then you have to decide which entity to work with in this element. There are millions but one that comes to mind is the king of water - Nichsa

as far as the other elements, use your creativity to make up as list of ways to immerse into them.


Barefoot walking on earthen ground like sand, dirt, and even concrete

Gardening and being around plants

Eating hearty food like nuts, beans, oats

This stuff does some really simple wonders for working with Muladhara, and even when I stopped meditating on this chakra, doing these things continued it’s activation. Muladhara is associated with Earth element.


Sunbathing, outdoor breathing in the Sun

Listening to energetic music

I go with doing the sun, but we can’t overlook getting into the emotional and mental states of elements. For example, watching something like Jeopardy and getting into the game, trying to answer the questions, could help with the Air element since it is associated with mentation and intellect. Chess could also do it, really there are tons of things you can do that, with a center framework, can turn activities from mundane to spiritually worthwhile.

Water is said to be a bit more passive, a cooling element. At the same time, things like sexual passion and lust are involved, which is weird because it can be these things also have fire qualities. However, in terms of sigil opening, there is definitely a “receiving” aspect you have to cue into, where you kind of engage for a while, and then let it engage you. I think “engage you” aspect is where the water element might come into play here.

SO while you are opening sigils, if you got the Evocation Course, try to subsequently practice the channeling exercise where you here then talking to you, or receive messages/ This should help, and here you are getting more of the passive, receiving quality of the water.

This is just my suggestions, but I’m weird so shhhiiiii…

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Thanks for the tips guys.I don’t live near a body of water so I’ll just have to get creative and get to work!You mentioned the color silver,would meditating on a silver candle while calling out to the water elements while facing west in my temple be effective?Oh yeah,Metalocolypse is my shit!