Invoking/Possession by/Evoking mass entities at once

Whether gods/goddesses, angels or demons, how is it successfully done without any negative effects?
How much time does it take realistically?
Last question … Anything astrally necessary?

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Several ways.
First is you call up the spirits one at a time.through the sigils and enns.

Second is you call up several at once from magic squares like abramlin or enochian tablets or those jinn ones you posted or house sigils or other grimoiric tools like the black pullet sigils.

Third is to summon legions angels through prayer, other types of spirits through orations and incantations while feeling the essence of the type of spirit you are calling. These can be demonic angelic elemental jinn or fey (I assume I haven’t called them) any other type as long as you get the feel to connected with them and the essence.

Another way would be to be given incantations or sigils by the leader amongst them.


Awesome. Thanks.

How I did the one the other day was I called each and every one up by them self and invoked them.

156 took me three hours. Could have been done quicker.

To avoid negative side effects of doing this, know your limits. Know how much you can handle.

And nah nothing astral was done by me


Awesome. I have an idea or two :slight_smile:

Nice. If you wanna pm me about anything in regards to this go for it

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Right on. I’m thinking ancestral first, then natal chart angels and demons second, then go from there where I feel led.

Think of the egyptian concept of merging multiple gods together into a singular god, Nubti, Amun-ra, and so on. you can utilize this concept to do it for you.

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Like I said keep in mind your current threshold for this stuff. But all the power to this rite

Shameless plug time :wink:

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