Invoking Omnipotence


Just curious, does anyone invoke omnipotence for something other than evocation?

If so, to what do you apply it and how does it help you?


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Spellcrafting and for mediation. Seeing what thoughts and emotions (if they can be called that) come to me when I am in this state.


I sort of do a simplified version of it before scrying


I use it as a banishing.


…does anyone else want to break into a Disney-esq musical number right now? No…just me…ok.


I invoke Divine Providence, then a hidden light that penetrates everything and acts on my third eye, which makes me see the world very differently. I do this before every magickal working, no matter what it is.


I do it before invocation of any other entity, banishing, and as my (almost) daily rit. I’ve been working with the whiteboard method Joe Vitale outlines as a direct connection to Source again since yesterday, seeing how that works with the awakened “Ahriman current” in my spine.


Understand that invocation is a method for calling a power into ones self, usually one beyond the normal mind state of the person doing the operation. Otherwise it would be already present, and there would be no need for the invocation.

So, the invocation of omnipotence is a way to elevate that mind state or self identity of the magician temporarily with this power that is beyond their present self state, to affirm complete confidence and power in whatever operation is undertaken from that perspective.

I use something similar to it when I feel less than perfect and want to send my intent to affect reality externally. How it helps me or anyone else, is what I explained above.


Interesting stuff!

Thanks for the responses. I’m going to see about developing a quicker version of it to be used “on the go”.

Glad to know that there were cases of people using it outside of evocation that I can actually manage.

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