Invoking omnipotence; a breakthrough?

Last night (12.16.13)…I did my standard evening rituals and the last being the “Invoking Omnipotence”. I went through the requisites as usual expecting only to become acclimated to it, this is like the 20th or so time that I have done it consecutively.
Anyhow, this time was different; It took on a life of its own, with surrealistic visions, hyper-realistic imagery, I was (in/observing) places I have not ever been in my life. I saw strange entities conducting strange operations. At one point I saw a world that was stunningly blanketed with snow, everything was white and surreal. Another showed a world where everything was eerily black with silver specs on everything, the background atmosphere was a flat mat black. Another scene had me watching a man having sex with a woman, later, another man confronted the man who was having sex with the woman. Strangely enough, I had no fear of any of it…I liked it. Words fail me in explaining the complexity/beauty of it all. Further, I had no control over any of it, it had a life of its own, kind of like channel surfing through the Astral Planes. It was the most eventful ritualistic experience I’ve ever had (I had an interesting experience with The Bornless Ritual a while back though, but it was much more prosaic).
Question; was this a break-through for this particular ritual? I wonder if anyone has had a comparable experience with it.

Congrats! Now, please change your name.

Sounds pretty fuckin cool to me! (Morrison Rocks!)