Invoking multiple Demons

Hello all!

There are a few of the Demons that I want to invoke.

I was wondering is it possible/safe/respectful/advisable to invoke multiple entities at the same time…

Drawing out all their sigils, spending time chanting all of their enns, etc.

I was thinking about how I wanted to invoke each of these Spirits… then the idea came to me to do them all at the same time. I actually saw it before me.

Just wondering if anyone has done this before, any tips etc…(there are 4 that I have in mind… but may do just the 3)

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I say do it, you won’t know until they come or not. They won’t always act the same around the same people. As in they might not do it for one person but will for another.


True. I think I will go ahead. Especially since it was shown to me.

It would be a test that you would bring to your spiritual evolution. there its level and progress in the multiple channeling of several deities would be tested. Being able to deal with each of them in unison, and after channeling know how to project the purpose according to the office in which each of them acts to grant the parallel intervention of their projections in the same goal as an end.
Make sure that the aforementioned are compatible since there are many divinities that are not tolerated and citing them together would be very contradictory for you, study well, plan to test yourself to see if you have the necessary skill and skill and that the guests have camaraderie in joint work, careful with this!

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I would invoke them one at a time and ask if it’s all right.

If they’re okay with it, then it shouldn’t be an issue.


Will do!

Thank you for that. That is all sensible.

The spirits I’m thinking of are Lucifer, President Marbas, Prince Orobas, and King Paimon…

These are the 4 that I’ve been looking at most overall in my studies…

Lucifer and Marbas I have done 1 invocation each…

What do you think? From what I’ve seen I don’t think they have a problem with each other.


Congratulations! Lucifer as Great Lord and Emperor will surely give him his blessing, Master Marbas is very accessible and his honesty is his pillar, the great Orobas very forgiving protector and conciliator and of his majesty King Paimón I limit myself to express because I know of his honorable Excellency but I do not work for now with your auspices, request a license from Father Lucifer, state your purpose, explain what your purpose and under your command line and authority request the assistance of the aforementioned divinities, I wish you the best


Thank you!

I was thinking that with all their skills they would certainly make a good team… the 4 of them.

Like I mentioned in the original post… I was thinking about leaving King Paimon out of the group invocation due to the fact that I know he wants you fully clothed when you deal with him… and I was thinking of using sexual energy to charge the sigils… what do you think?

I guess I could just use a different method but the sexual energy seemed to be be very effective for me the last time I used it.

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Yes! have foresight your excellence paimon it has been written a lot that it is a fault to his magniminity to present himself improperly to his royalty, on the other hand I could quote him in a separate or individual session only to him not that that feeling that you have comes from him to help If he does not do so, it would be taken as a rebuff or offense, if you channel that he is the one who calls you, do not leave him out, respectfully summon him and ask for his indulgence more do as indicated.

As for the burden of the sigils, there are many ways to be viable to all of them since remember that sexual energy is powerful but the semen or sexual fluid gives you a very deep connection and the divinities can extract at a certain moment even without presenting you fluid energy of your being for the control that you exert for the given sample, that is why you may suddenly feel exhausted and without stimulation in the sexual area, be careful with that! "take several routes to the final as you believe it if it will be done, the magic has no boundaries, the boundaries are set by the same summoner

I’m sorry…I’m a little confused…

Do you mean to say here that, yes, indeed it is true to be fully clothed in front of him…but if I feel drawn to call him, that I should not leave him out, but rather call him with the others and ask that he accept my sky clad state?

Sorry…just a little confused by how you stated it. Just getting clarity.

What do you mean that the divinities can extract at a certain moment? I don’t understand…

Are you saying what my magick can accomplish…or the rules of summoning?

Let’s go on the part:
We are talking, that you have felt summoning the Excellence of King Paimon, that feeling where it came from? Was it the one who provoked it? or came from you? You can be and be careful with this: You would be surprised how early in your life that certain spirits may have had your eyes on you. Your relationships with them can go back to lives and / or past activities between incarnations, that approach to King Paimon as you catalog it? If a particular spirit fills you with intrigue and / or emotion, it means they want to interact with you.

On the other hand, drawing one of the sigils is often enough to draw the attention of the Deity to which it is attributed, it can even manifest itself while drawing the sigil. Simply looking at any given stealth can make the stealth permanently more powerful, that’s why they can be opened that simple or the connection can be made because the intention is what moves their energy to theirs, it is even possible to unconsciously activate a keep watching him!

Many use blood and sexual fluids to expand activation energy but keep in mind:
You should only offer your blood to the most important spirits in your path: always seek the guidance of your midwife or employer and / or Higher Self before offering blood to a new spirit since Once you have offered blood to a spirit, they are always with you, and his ability to influence you increases. This does not mean that they will take control of you at some point in the way that some people infer.But there is a great light in all this, since Sperm gives the spirits more control over their physical body, while the blood He is best known for increasing his influence on the spiritual aspects of his person. Go now because I mention you to use the different arteries for the process?


Make sure they all get along. The last thing you want is two warring spirits duking it out inside of your mind and body. Regardless of who wins, the loser will be you. Those things can do a lot of damage

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Ah ok… Yes. I understand what you are saying now. I agree with that. They definitely know us before we know them. I agree 100% that the source of my interest in Him comes from Him, and not myself.

Interesting. Thank you. I didn’t know that!

What is a stealth??? Did you mean sigil?

Absolutely! I understand this?

Are these terms referring to spirits here? I’m unfamiliar with these terms in regards to spirits?

Right! Totally understand.

It’s Lucifer, King Paimon, Marbas and Orobas.

Stealth or commonly stealth according to the syntax of the content.
Look for the guide of your guide deity in other words, as you will know there is always a matron / Patron deity who advises us in our driving, dispense if I am not explicit

Excellent your dissertation, I explained that in my intervention, hopefully taken as a light to break the crazy frenzy of such an interconnecting activity

I think it depends on the spirits. For example, the gate keepers are fine when called together, same with the four queens. Others may have some sort of rivalry that may interfere with the work, such as Pazuzu and Lamashtu. My best advice would be to invoke each one at a time.

This will serve three purposes:
-Helps you to see if they are even willing to work with you if they are unfamiliar to you
-gives you a chance to ask if it would be okay for them (it sounds like there wouldn’t be a problem but it is best to ask than assume)
-allows you the chance to get used to each one’s energy to better balance when they are all brought in together. think of it as stretching before lifting weights.


That is good advice. thank you!

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in the book Lucifer and the hidden demons you can multi evoke spirits in a chain way and it works very well following the right hierarchies, actually Lucifer and Paimon work well together and have many spirits serving them , you should take a look at it

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