Invoking Lilith


I’ve always been drawn to Lilith and i have tried to invoke her. I didn’t feel a strong presence but I got Warm and felt chills. If it matters, I have Jewish ancestory. I have Read a lot of people saying “be warned, she harms children”. I have A special needs child that I am Very protective of, but I dont Feel that about her. I feel Like it’s religious fear mongering. I dont See why she would harm a child and that’s not what I feel From her at all… I was Just wondering if anyone can advise on a simple way to work with her? Is there a link on how to make a pact specifically with Lilith? Thank you all in advance!


Devote time to her in order to get to know her. She seems to be big on sincere devotion and loyalty. Last time I felt her presence strongly it was electrifying, literally felt like I was being mildly electrocuted from the inside. Before that the warm tingles were common though. Lilith has never done anything to my kids, she feels very motherlike to me. For a pact it would be same as any other spirit. No special instructions just for her.


Hehe. Nothing is always simple or fully cut and clear when working with demons. They are complex and most definetely interesting creatures. Thats why everyone but the most dedicated are weeded out. Thats because “magick” itself is a “job.”


Since you are Jewish Ancestry consider working with Naamah as she can be considered the physically manifest (in jewish tradition) form of Lillith. Fyi I do not work with Naamah personally, but know of her.


Thanks everyone! The replies are very appreciated :heart:


I think the child killing is a myth, that she shares with Lamia, and not something that you should take literaly, Lilith has been given a bad rep by religion.

there is a lot of interesting stories about Naamah and Lilith and the Lilitu spirit in general.
There is a part in the Zohar about Lilith seeking out the children of Naamah in the days of new moon, being with them (making sport ahem sexy time) and causing blemishes and disease.

I have a Succubus with me, and I feel her really strongly around Fullmoon and Newmoon, and have been noticing that I get blemishes around new moon on a fairly regular basis, so there might be something to the myth about Lilith being the Handmaiden of Naamah, or that they are an aspect of eachother.